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  • I am not sure how to make a new thread! I hope this is the proper way.

    charmed, My marriage of 30 years is falling apart! My husband would be the first to tell you that we had a wonderful 30 years. There has been cheating, to which I replyed, I will forgive and forget (With counseling) There was another woman, to which now, he says he doesn't see her much anymore.

    1. Is there another persone in his life now? 2. Can we put us back together? 3. I am in despirate need of a job....I have been a stay at home mom/wife most of the time. I am back on page 39 in another thread. I do value your opinion, and your time, and very much hope you will reply to my need. I am looking for a little comfort in a real stressed time of my life. Please tell all that you can.

    Thank you with sugar on top!

  • Hi Donna Mae. love ya name its so southern Carolina like.

    I hope ill get to u this weekend. B4 i do culd u post a photo n ur location? thanx

    to all else who sees this, im ONLOY reading donnamae bc she asked me, if anyone else jumps onto this thread asking me, i WILL report to admin. i have the eye n ear of admin so this is NO Joke. reason im gonna do this is ive seen too many disrespectful people jumping other peoples threads. if u wish i read ya ask for me in a new thread n hope for the best.

    until then will i report each n everyone. thank u

    cwb being a tough cat

  • You want a photo of me??

  • Yes maám. ;-D

  • I am not real computer savy.....How on earth do I do that, after I find a picture of my self, which I really don't want on here for everyone to see......

  • mail it to lonniej2002 over at yahoo

    i hope to god admin dont delete this lol

  • u could also do it as ur icon?

    ps what us ur husbands name dear?

  • Jim, Birth certificate: James Allen

  • Are u SURE u wanna know? I ask bc i HATE to be bearer of bad neg sad news. So are you ABSELIUTELY CERTAIN u wanna know?

  • If you have anything to report, go ahead, I probably have already heard it.

  • Well i had o ask u honey bc i HATE beaing bearer of bad news. I feel James DOES genuinely love u BUT he also knows how to appease u. So he fips u. Its like he doesnt wanna cheat but its as if he cannot help himself. Its like a drug, bad habit desease.

    Question is, will u put up with it till the day he or u dies?

    Just so u know there is someone new out there who is so much more worthy of u, n he has observed u from a distance. I feel u knwo this man. Ur loyalty has kept u in bay.

    This man, he is worthy of u n he wouldnt ever cheat or fib u.

    Q is, what do u want? I ask bc this is UR life, not ya kids not ya cheating spouces, its urs n what u want out of it. Which ever u choose, ill b here for u.

    NAMASTE darling!

  • Thank you charmed. Your response is pretty much what I expected. I am not aware of any other men lurking about.....Jim, was over on sunday and asked for the very first time about joint counseling.... I guess time will allow us to look through the window of life.....sometimes I would just like to draw the drapes. I really do appreciate your time and reading. I hope down the road I will beable to ask for your help again. Thanks

    May the blessings from above fill your heart with light and love. donnamae

  • Of course u may ask me again when u need to sweetie.

    Bless u n good best of luck.

    Keep that chin of urs high!



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