Please help Interpret this reading...thanks so much!

  • First I like to say thank you for taking the time to help me on this reading. I am learning and need help with this.

    Celtic Cross 7/13/10

    Card 1 The Magician

    Card 2 Nine of Wands

    CArd 3 Six of Cups

    Card 4 The Wheel of Fortune

    CArd 5 Five of Wands

    Card 6 Ace of Swords

    Card 7 Six of Pentacles

    Card 8 The World

    CArd 9 Six of Wands

    CArd 10 Five of Cups

    I am very concerned with the Five of Cups. This card didnt seem to fit in with the rest of the reading and again I'm new and learning, could someone please help me make sense of this reading. Thanks so much, I appreciate greatly any feedback.

  • the magician=its time for you to get your creative juices flowing. the 9 of wands=something may be holding you back and causing you to hesitate. 6 of cups=you may be reminiscing about an old friend or past relationship/marriage. the wheel of fortune=you have recently gone through some kind of change. 5 of wands=avoid confrontation,another way of looking at this can be your best option is to just step up to the plate and take control. ace of swords=how things turn out are up to you,you hold the power in your hands. 6 of pentacles=you have to give alittle to get alittle. the world=let go of some of your inhibitions if you want things to go your way. 6 of wands=are you worried about what people may think of you?. 5 of cups=hmmm...i think this can mean that if you keep letting things go the way they are going now then your headed for disappointment. i dont know whether or not this is accurate so take this as you will.

  • Thank you, I was concerned about the 5 of cups because I have been in a negative work environment for so long, and was hesitating to walk away from the stress as I lacked confidence in my capabilities. Also, I have a person whom I had a special relationship with continuously let me down, and cant seem to rid him and tried and I feel if I continue it will lead to bigger problem and hold me back. So, I just need to stick to my guns which I feel good about and not let the negative force me to fall back. Thanks so much! Your feedback was greatly appreciated.

  • your very welcome(: and your right,dont let anything hold you back and put all the negative issues behind you. my mom always says deal with negative issues in a positive way.

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