Confusing Cancer

  • Hi there,

    I thought this Cancer friend and myself were doing evolving to more. But I'm finding he's playing games He told me were to meet yesterday. I said I'd phoned him back cause I was busy but get this he didnt answer his phone I was in the area and drop by he wasnt there. So I left and went home. I called him again he said lets to meet today I called him several times left message again No answer I dont get it. Is this typical of Cancers? Previous to this he phoned me infact kept on phoning appearing clingy. Now when I phone he ignores my phone call. Whats up with that is he just playing games. I am ready to do the same to him and not answer any of his calls.

    Any views on Cancer males would be very helpful!



  • I am a cancer female and I know I am hard to date. I don't let attach myself very easily as we tend to hide behind our shells....and the phone ....thats an extent. With this said we are very sensitive and stubborn at same time. Wish I could give you advice 😞 Hope you find clarity! Have a great evening!

  • Yes, this is typical, but you started the game and he'll finish it. You said you were busy, lol.

    maybe you should study Cancers more.

  • same thing has been happeneing to me. known him for 5 months. early on he told me he doesn't like games. (yet, it seems that is what he does with not calling and his disappearing act) adn early on he started the non-calling when he said he would. I let it slide then and at some point I called him on it.

    I am beginning to believe that it's emotional immaturity, they've survived with these tactics since childhood and they are hurt by every nuance. I remember my cancer cousin acted this way, I though she was emotionally stunted, I forgot how annoying they can be.

    They basically need to be told you are not trying to urt their feeling in anyway (constantly let them know thil they feel safe with you). I still have to do this to her. though I totally forgot about it when dealing with the man I love.

    He somehow now put me in the friend zone. I am following RORI RAYE's views (google her, subscribe to ehr newsletter) her ideas empower you.

    Tell him your feelings, I feel hurt/angry when you don't pick up or call when you say you will.

    2 weeks ago he was to call and take me out, he hadn't done it, and hasn't called since. I must have said something he didn't like. I have decided to NOT call him and then I will tell him my feelings.

    Look up RORI RAYE!

    good luck!

  • WATERMAN can you go to my thread " I gave too much too soon to my cancer man" and give me some advice?

  • Hi Waterman,

    lol nooo he knew I had classes I told him so no game was played by me! Now he phoned left a message sooo tempted to give him is medicine and do the same to him!

    How does Cancer like to be treated please share?

    Any good sites regarding Cancer?

  • Thanks Kmuse will do Rory Raye

    Sounds good but I am sooo tempted to give back his own medicine and not phone him back today see how he likes it! Then tell him how I felt when he didnt answer my phone call lol

    Yes I need all the help I can get regarding this Cancer fellow ready to start to see if theres any other potentials out there......the Gemini in me is getting anxious lol

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