Can somebody please do a reading for me?

  • im alittle worried about my love life. tried doing a reading for myself but every card i pull out just doesnt make sense to me so i think it would be better if i tried letting someone else do it for me. my problem is im torn between 2 loves. 5 years ago i started recieving private messages from this boy on the soul calibur furoms(soul calibur is a series of videogames)at first we were just talking it wasnt like he just said"hey wanna be my gf?"or anything like that. as i started talking to him more and more i developed feelings for him but i was afraid of telling him because i didnt want him to think i was a creeper or something and online romance is something i always had mixed feelings about on account of people lie alot online and theres alot of sickos out there and what not. a few months later after he sent me a pm telling me that his grandma died i finally told him how i felt and as it turned out he felt the same way. so for 4years we carried on a long distance relationship(he lives very far away from me)and tried to meet eachother in person with many failed attempts and he wasnt coming online as much anymore so last summer i just got frustrated and we called it quits. im persuing another online relationship with somebody different now but i dont really feel like thats going anywhere either and i also feel like we lack chemistry. so my birthday is january 30th 1989,phillips's(my ex)is december 8th 1991(if i remember correctly) and alex(my current lover)was born feb 26th 1992.

  • You can hardly say you have had 'relationships' with people you haven't met. Have you tried going out and meeting someone in the real world? It's very easy to live in a romantic fantasy world with someone online where you can both be whatever you want to be. But actually living together and facing harsh reality on a daily basis is a completely different set of circumstances. I don't feel you really want a real face-to-face relationship, just an online fantasy love life that is perfect.

  • thecaptain,i never said i have never tried being in a face-to-face relationship. your being alittle judgemental. to be honest i really dont care all that much about being in any kind of relationship and i have made attempts to meet these guys in person(like i already mentioned)even though i have never met my ex in person i still feel a strong connection with him,i dont know what it is and to this day i still love him but i doubt he wants anything to do with me anymore. as for the guy im trying to persue now i have some feelings for him but im not too sure if hes the one for me.

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