Captain can you please tell me what these cards said

  • Hello Captain

    Monday was my birthday and I had a free tarot reading on the internet. But I did not understand the cards can you please help me with them. It was a 11 card celtic spread.

    1. The Magician - situation

    2. Two of Swords - self

    3. Eight of Swords - challenge/opportunites

    4. Ten of Coins - foundation

    5. Justice - recent past

    6. Seven of Cups - higher power

    7. Death - near future

    8. Ace of Coins - Blocks & Inhibitions

    9. Ten of Swords - Allies

    10. Knight of Cups - Advice

    11. Page of Coins - long term potential

    My question was about money. Can you please help me with this. Thank You Illona

  • I don't do tarot card readings. But there are others here who can so post your request in the Tarot section.

  • Ok thanks will do.

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