Hi, I would like a reading please

  • What does the near future have for me to do ? DOB 7/7/71. What is my purpose here on earth ?

  • You have a tendency to hang onto old habits, people and things that have long outlived their usefulness. You are here to learn how to let go of everything that has outlived its purpose or no longer serves you. In your life journey you will experience a highly interesting series of personal transformations. With your natural inclination towards unusual people, places, and things, you can learn a great deal about yourself by examining your more unconventional relationships. You must view them with a degree of objectivity - otherwise you may retreat from the challenge of gaining psychological insight into a fantasy world or empty imaginings. You have a real gift for psychological analysis and interpretation and, if you turn that inward into a search for self-knowledge and insight, you will experience the delight of learning to be comfortable in your own skin.

    So let go of any dependence on fantasy and get out there and find happiness in the real world. Release the need for suffering and for other people's approval. Throw off the burdens of self-imposed negativity, worry, or crushing responsiblity in favour of a lightening of spirit and an easing of your soul. Deep inside what you really want is to be in love - to be adored by someone who returns your passion and who is a lover as well as a friend. To do this, you must tell the universe what you want and then relax and go with the flow, trusting that the right like-minded person will come to you. Stop dreaming and start doing!

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