• Captain,

    I need to get some clarification on a tarot reading that someone did for me on the tarot thread. please let me know if you see any of this happening. I'm truly scared and worried about my family members....

    The first set of cards he pulled was:

    Near Future: 4 of cups: You don't really care about anything at this point.

    Distant Future: Moon: You feel something very deceiving and disturbing in your mind.

    Far Distant Future: Devil: Evil will conquer your mind and you're going to be fighting with someone you really can't stand.

    When I asked him to give me some clarity, this tarot reader said this:

    Near Future: Devil: Well you're love one will get shot by a deranged psychopath.

    Distant Future: 3 of swords: You will be receing a tragic news about your loved one death and obviously will you be extremely upset.

    Far Distant Future: 5 of cups: you'll be very depressed and sad of your loved one death.

    could you please let me know if any of this is true or is going to happen???

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you again captain for all you do! You've helped me out a lot before 🙂

  • ScorpVirgo, I feel I needed to jump in here, even though you asked for The Captain's help. I am more than a little concerned at the response you got on the other thread. Please look at the dialogue between this "reader" and user qwalchmai60. It might put things into perspective. Take care and please don't be alarmed.

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  • Oh wow...thank you just scared the heck put of me!

  • Looks like that user has been giving misinterpreted tarot readings to many people...but honestly when I got that reading I was so unbelievably scared...thank you for pointing that out to me albeit and thank you for the bump also 🙂 I truly appreciate it!!

  • That person is not a serious reader but it is a lesson not to believe everything you are told.

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