Moonbeauty-can you advise on the topic-"Cancer man/Scorpio woman - typical??"

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  • it is typical for cancers and scorpios to be attracted to each other, my advice would be to throw astrology out the window and just wait and see if you are compatible with the person, you will know if you are or not... cancer men are very sweet loving men always providing security and affection... the down side is they can be insecure and may get jealous of other males, its not possesiveness its just insecurity and they need constant reasurrence that they are the one you want... i do not know any scorpio women so i cannot tell you if you two are a good match or not but just give it time... also they are very shy and do not like to make the first move, every once in a while you will find a cancer that likes to initiate things and is outgoing like myself but more often than not you need to make the first move they are social butterflies though so being friends first is a plus

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