Please I would like a reading

  • Would some one be willing to do a reading for me? DOB 6-22-82 I would like to know why I have such a strong attraction this man DOB 9 -8-67. Where is our friendship going in the future? Thanks

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  • Thank you

  • hi

    i got fool in myself , sun in love situation and devil in love challenges.

    Can you interpret for my current position?

  • I would appreciate if some one would take the time to do a more in depth reading for me. I feel this man has come into my life for a reason, life lessons I guess. I have made a lot of personal growth in the time I have known him, he has opened my eyes to things I was finally strong enough or ready to deal with. Is he a life long friend or have I learned what I need to learn and should I move on. We had a relationship when we first meet but I was not emotionally ready and our relationship failed. The last 6 months we have been on again off again. Him being a Virgo I feel he is holding back emotions, he is so hard to read. Being a cancer I am intuitive and I think it scares him that I can read him. It trips him out I know when he doesn't feel good or he had a bad day, things he is able to hide from others and a lot of times he opens up too me. I need some insight maybe just validation of what my heart and mind need to agree on. Im going to see him Friday and part of me feels i need to say good bye and end things but the other part feels like he supposed to be in my life and he just fits. I would love if some one could help me thank you

  • Help any one im confused on how to proceed with this man that drives me crazy

  • Juljay, this relationship's great lesson is to teach its partners how to assert themselves and develop a sense of inner authority in order to be taken seriously in the world. It is important however that you two train this assertiveness not on each other but outward. You are encouraged to use your joint intuitive strength to discover philosophical, religious, social or political ideas that may guide you on your way. The development of such systems or tactics will often be the driving force behind such interactions, helping you two rather retiring personalities deal better with the world. The relationship serves as an inspirational motor to power your endeavours forward, but it works better for friendship or as a working partnership than it does for love.

    Your love affair, if it progresses to that, can be highly secretive. Your covertness is important however to make you two feel safe, and sometimes to avoid hurting others. Ideologies and beliefs are not of crucial importance in this intimate relationship which is tied up with complex and at times repressed states of feeling. There is almost a confessional quality, which keeps secrets from others sometimes for years, in absolute confidence. In fact, secrecy itself may prove the relationship's principal basis, providing a source of shared belief and authority.

    Should you two first meet as friends, together you may find an occupation or profession that can sustain you physically while also feeding your spiritual and intellectual selves. Whether this activity is religious or social, personal or community-oriented, the pair of you will seek out the secret places in the hearts of others who can respond to your message. Perhaps only reaching a small percentage of the population of your city or town, you will sooner or later realise that your mission is meant only for the few prepared to listen to its unusual content. If you marry, you may also share a career, but given your emotional struggles and conflicts, the chances of things working out are slimmer. There is more intellectual and spiritual sharing here than any real deep physical connection. You two are better at working together for a common cause than having an intimate long term relationship. Together you may become over-serious and too secretive - you need to share emotions as well as ideas. Only an open, honest relationship will succeed. Remember that assertion is not aggression.

  • Captain thank you so much for taking time to help me. Your reading confirmed what my head has been telling me and my heart didn't want to believe. I am going to try and build a friendship with this man hes a great guy to have as a friend but im no longer going to feel hurt that things are not like they were when we first meet and accept can never be back to what they were. Thank you

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