Hello Captain

  • Hi Captain, I'm really confused about a couple of things concerning my love life. I also want to relocate but I'm and very scared to move alone. I want to relocate to charlotte from ny and start a new life. My birthday is 5/31/75. I also want to know if you see me having 1 baby in the near future.. Thank you so much for your time I look forward to hearing from you..

  • Realbeauty, I feel you don't have a clear priority to concentrate on in your life. You seem all over the place with what you want to achieve. You can't do everything at once. Pick one thing to put all your energy into and go for it, whether it be finding a partner or relocating. You need to commit to one objective and devote yourself to it until you get it. You will find it easier to make decisions if you are not trying to have everything at once.

    No one else can manage or run your life for you. You have to get up and go out and make life happen for yourself. Don't even think about having a baby until you are more settled and in a happy relationship. You need to be steady and practical with your goals - make sure they are realistic and attainable before you begin to chase them. I feel you may have many wild schemes and ideas that can squander your energy if you don't get your thinking under control. If you want to relocate, do some research first to find out what the new place is like for jobs, places to stay etc. before you go. A little forethought and planning will make things easier in the long run.

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