My cancer man is acting weird with me !! Will I get him back...

  • My cancer man and I have been talking for 2 months now.. I just came out of a relationship so I'm

    in know hurry to get into another one, but he came along one night, and I got hooked.. But we both knew that I just came out of something serious 4 mths ago, so I made clear it's an open relationship, especially me expressing myself to him that I'm going on other dates, and that I still randomly text my ex, and I talk alot about him to the cancer man, I do feel bad, but I can't help it, I know I have been wayyy to honest, but I did it so we don't go fast, as I know he was starting to have feelings for me as I for him.. I just loved his sensitive, nurturing and caring man that he is... We went on a lot of dates, and from the day we met we never stopped texting or calling.. I know he was going thru issues with work so he expressed it to me very quickly , and how hrs staying at his parents till his renos are done at his condo.. I was very supportive and caring and was there for him through his ordeal.. The last time we saw eachother on our date , we had a great time , he introduced to his family only because he lives with them, and we just wanted to relax one night at the house on. The couch then always going out.. So we ate dinner , relaxed then the movies we decided , came back , layed down, had crazy sex and got very intimate, for this wasn't the first but it was the first to just get much closer intimately..Well we slept , got up the next morning and had breakfast and talked more then I had to go back home, so when I was leaving he asked me is this how I pack when I go see my other dates, I guess because all my bags were packed properly and there was a bag for clothes and , my blowdryer, neways I didn't understand that question and where it came from but it was weird, but I answered back to him that no , he's the only one I have been and is intimate with ever since my breakup, and then of course I went into talking about the ex again and how I packed like this to go see him , and I miss him and I told him I text hi'm

    again and stuff like that.. He just stared at me and asked me to sit before I go when clearly I was almost out the door.. So I sat in his family room then he went on telling me how I'm clearly not over my ex, abd he could ne there for me as a friend and help me move on, and to move on is to fall in love with someone else .. Then he goes that he's there for anything , if I need it , a hug, or go for a walk, or whatever.. I was shocked so I had nothing to say , accept I got to go, and when I was leaving I told him we are final and he was going on no were not.. So I get into my car and then he texts me 5 mins while I was on the road and he said I'm only saying this to u cause your clearly not over yr ex, and I know how it feels, and I understand and I'm here to be here for u any way I can, but can not open up my emotions to u because your still not over the ex, I understand but I just want u to be good and get your emotions straight.. I sent back but I thought this was an open relationship and I didn't know what u wanted. Neways after texting back and forth he said he'll text later, abd 2 days went by and no nothing, then I sent him a long text apologizing for my behaviour and what not, and I shouldn't talk about the ex and party too much . I sent a very genuine text.. All I got was the next morning . Hey I got your text from lastnight and I appreciate , thankyou.. I really miss him I actually do Like him. And saw potential . Have I lost my cancer man, it's been days and nothing and I am very very confused... We did close... And I miss all the texts and calls, I don't know.. Help

    anyone.. Or just forget about it.. : (

  • sorry to say, just forget about it. was in a very similar relationship with a cancer man and your story is so much like mine. unless you want the pain. time to move on trust me. cancer men don't ever get over their first love. he probably does care for you but will not give his heart to another.

  • BABYDOLL, some good advice for you.

    NEVER talk about exes to your new man....he doesn't need to know that you miss him...

    How would you like it if he did that to you. It was very immature and insensitive.

    Also, cancer signs are VERY JEALOUS! it hurts them and they will walk away.

    New Romantic interests are not interested in how much you miss or love and ex! Keep it to yourself. new Romantic interests are ONLY interested in how much you can invest in them.

    APOLOGIZE quick fro this. any and every way you can..

    let him know you are OVERT your ex completely.

    tell him he is the only one you care to pack for or kiss or think about. the past is the past.

    (unless of course you don't like this new guy and your ex came back into your life and you would prefer your ex)

  • Babydoll

    I agree with Kmuse.You never got over the ex and telling the cancer male about the ex just made him back off.He knew he had no chance.As far as the open relationship went,what more did you expect?He's doing what he wants now,just as you wanted him to.You cant have double standards that apply only to you when it suits you.He's done because you kept telling him you didnt want him,(in so many words).And now that he's gone,you want him back.I feel badly for you babydoll.I hope you see this as an opportunity to think about what you want for yourself.And hopefully,the next time you dance,you'll take care not to step on your partners toes.It might take a little practice,but in the end,it will be worth while to see that you and he move in perfect harony.

  • Thanx Kmuse and blueeyedervish... But your both right, Im a scorpio, and I guess as us scorpios we can come a little to strong, and thats what I did, I dont know why I was sabotoging it maybe I actually was in shock that i was liking him so fast and so soon, when I was madly in love with the ex and the reason for our breakup was because of religion and his father didnt except me, because i wasnt their religion and after 3 years of dating , it hurt , it hurt us both bad.... I dont know where to go from here except I do want my cancer man back, he is 34 and im 29 and hes ver mature as so am I , to not hurt one an0other, but I think I found him a little weak, and I abused him in some way by just talking about the ex so much, maybe because I never knew what he wanted and i always thought at the back of my head he was going to use me for sex or whatnot, but I should of read between the lines, and listened carefully.. I like him a lot and I cant believe i feel this way. Its been 5 days since the last text from him thanking meand appreciating the text he got from me, but I re read the text and my friends did and they said that I kept wishing him best and i kinda probably pushed him away.. I dont know.. : ( He has my sunglasses that i forgot in his car and when we talked last week when we were arguing he told me and i told him throw em out, hes like no ill give em to u when i see u and i said no there will be no next time, then hes sent dont be mean please. I dont know what got into me but I was angry at the fact hell be there as a friend, but then again i didnt listen and i jumped as scorpios well do with our emotions and i screwed up.. Is there any insight on how to get him back, and how much time to u think hes needs, to be ok for me to talk to him or talk to him at all.

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