Ever see tarot cards in dreams?

  • one time i dreamt that i saw the 5 of pentacles exept it looked nothing like the one from the rider waite deck,more like a card from the old fashioned decks where the minor arcana contains little or no imagery. but on the bottom of the card it said "rewards "which is wierd to me. the 5 of pentacles is definitely not a card i associate with rewards. i see the 5 of pentacles as rejection,grief,being turned away by somebody who should have been helping,ect. then in another dream i had i was "with" the knight of cups lol...the dream started out inocent enough,i was standing somewhere where it was very white and overwhelmingly bright and i realized i was dressed in a white dress or gown. soon i see the knight of cups from the rider waite deck and he hopped off of his horse and handed me a white rose. i held it in my hands looking at the rose and said"thank you...why would you give me this." he just stood there smiling at me for awhile then said"you needed it." his voice sounded very calm and sweet and although i was still quite confused i wasnt about to argue with a guy for giving me a gift lol. next i remember him taking his helmet off and forgive me for saying this but he was so hot!. so we talked and he told me his name was ryan then some other things happened and the dream ending with us having....relations lol. does anybody else here have these types of dreams?

  • Wow that some dream. I have those type of dream most of the time. Some of them actually came true. Wow I love dream tarot.

  • dont we all lol

  • bump. im bored.

  • ive had one of the queen of pentical about the year 1995

  • ^what happend in it?

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