Do you think I have a gift?

  • Hello All, (I apologize for some reason I posted under melwestbury and thanks Amantim for your reply, however I had technical difficulty and will use blissful77 for any future post and replies)

    I am new to the forums and I love learning reading your post. Well here is goes, at the age of 13 i began having dreams in which would later happen exactly as the initially appeared in a dream. Sometimes it would happen the following day, sometimes months. I can distinquish which ones will eventually happen and which one are my subconscious mind and can intepret those as they come. In addition, I am a cancer and not sure if that is significant or not, however what would you call the so called preminitions, would you consider somewhat a gift. In additon, I am very much in tune with people, I can look at someone and it as if I can feel what they are feeling and often been told, that I need to be a counselor because i am so in tuned. Lastly, I often get thoughts and they come to me in a split second, I later forget that thought and like my dreams it will happen the next day or week, but that split second moment will later become reality. I've am a stong believer in psychics and special gifts and critized when I mention it to anyone who doesnt understand, and just often wondered if I could possibly have any gifts? Thanks for any feedback!

  • Oh...I would definitely say that you have gifts. I think that as part of using your gifts, you will be able to tell who will be receptive to you when talking about it or not. I can tell you that coming here you will be very well received. I think there is some divine guidance drawing us all together here to be able to join together and help others as best we can now and in the future. Glad to see you here and look forward to reading more of your posts! Blessings and love...

  • I wonder why we call it a 'gift' when we have it with us always, from birth onwards. It's not given to us but something inside that we either use or repress. We are all psychic.

  • Captain, I must say I never looked at it that way and it makes sense. Generally, when you hear people talk they consider it a gift, and maybe it depends on how tune you are with yourself. Thanks for the reply. Any ideas how I can build and grow?

  • Thanks for the reply, I am glad to have joined this site as I enjoy reading everyone’s post. As far as in tune, I do realize before hand the reaction I am going to get, but if I feel strongly about something I like to share, as long as I do not pose on their beliefs, I feel okay about. I listen to them, so every now and then they get to listen to me  Thanks for welcoming me, means a lot! Do you have any ideas how I can build or grow?

  • You need to lose any fears of being yourself and of being open to picking up all the vibes and messages that swirl around us all the time. If you hold back or hide your psychic ability because you are afraid of other people's disapproval or whatever, then you will never be able to express it. Being psychic is simply being aware of what's going on around you, being able to put your self aside and notice other people and things.

  • Thanks have been very helpful!

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