Please Help-greatly appreciated

  • Hello All, (For some reason I couldnt log in with my previous name melwestbury into the forum) incase you already read, but I only had two post and will use this username from now on!

    I am a new member to this forum and I enjoy reading the post, I recently began reading tarot and enjoy learning more about it. Tonight I meditated and gave myself a reading and I am little concerned as I think I might have misread them,

    First I gave a 3 card (The Wheel of Furtune) Career (The Magician) and Love (Three of Swords) then I did the eltic Cross, and the cards were:

    Card 1 The Magician

    Card 2 Nine of Wands

    CArd 3 Six of Cups

    Card 4 The Wheel of Fortune

    CArd 5 Five of Wands

    Card 6 Ace of Swords

    Card 7 Six of Pentacles

    Card 8 The World

    CArd 9 Six of Wands

    CArd 10 Five of Cups

    This card didnt seem to fit in with the rest of the reading and again I'm new and learning, could someone please help me make sense of this reading. Thanks so much, I appreciate greatly any feedback.

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