Will we get back together in the longterm?

  • Dear Captain

    Thank You for your first response.. I am extremely unfamiliar with forums and threads and am just learning and this is my first time, so sorry about my application. As I said before, I went out with a man for 4 years whom I had a huge connection with. He broke it off last October and I have not seen him since last August. His b/date is 01/011/1957 and my b/date is 04/01/1956. I will appreciate whatever answer you give me.

    Thanking you


  • There was not a lot of understanding between you here. You did admire each other's talents and skills but you two have trouble seeing eye to eye on virtually every subject. Disagreements, arguments, even pitched battles can flare here with the suddeness of spontaneous combustion. You did have a lot of communication - it just wasn't very peaceful communication.

    You are both strong-willed people and your sexual relations no doubt were intense. You may have not wanted to admit it but one or both of you probably had a secret hankering for romance, despite the often tough, no-nonsense persona you both can put on. You often repress any signs of weakness in each other's company. You are both ambitious and, in pursuing your goals, you probably spent a lot of time apart. There would have been trouble and jealousy if one or the other got more professional or public acknowledgment or was viewed as more successful than the other. But working hard and playing hard can lead to breakdown. This relationship was too demanding, competitive, and combative to work out for the long term. I guess your ex just realised it first.

  • ThankYou Captain, I wish I could say you haven't hit it on the mark, But you have!. But I have to say I was Very prepared to play second fiddle, I Don't have the same desire as he had to be Top Dog! And for me that would have been fine, because I am very people, community orientated and people being the best they can be is where I want to be, rather than competing with a partner! He had some very compatible elements and was prepared to work through the hard stuff, to experiencethe good stuff which I know is there! Thanking you once again Captain. I now wonder if I will ever meet someone who is right for me!

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  • You will if you want to. But be flexible about who may be right for you - your wishlist may be too rigid or picky. Allow for surprises.

  • Thank You for your response Captain. Really appreciated what you have looked at. Wishing you the very best. Kind regards


  • Sorry Captain, just have to ask this one thing in regard to your last response... Do you mean 'surprises' with different kinds of men coming into my focus, or surprises in things that will happen generally, or surprises from people I already know? I would appreciate the clarification and THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR WORK, IT IS SINCERELY APPRECIATED.

    Kind regards


  • I mean you should leave your mind open to all sorts of potential partners and not fixate on people you 'think' are right for you. The right person might be totally unlike anyone you have imagined.

  • Hi Captain,

    What's in the future for me and my long distance relationship/ lover... my birthdate is 9/30/50... his is 6/1/51. Would love to have your insight!!! Thanks

  • Thanks Captain you have been amazing! I really respect your insight and integrity.

    WIshing You the very best.

    Kind regards


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