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  • Hello All,

    I am new to the forums and I love learning reading your post. Well here is goes, at the age of 13 i began having dreams in which would later happen exactly as the initially appeared in a dream. Sometimes it would happen the following day, sometimes months. I can distinquish which ones will eventually happen and which one are my subconscious mind and can intepret those as they come. In addition, I am a cancer and not sure if that is significant or not, however what would you call the so called preminitions, would you consider somewhat a gift. In additon, I am very much in tune with people, I can look at someone and it as if I can feel what they are feeling and often been told, that I need to be a counselor because i am so in tuned. Lastly, I often get thoughts and they come to me in a split second, I later forget that thought and like my dreams it will happen the next day or week, but that split second moment will later become reality. I've am a stong believer in psychics and special gifts and critized when I mention it to anyone who doesnt understand, and just often wondered if I could possibly have any gifts? Thanks for any feedback!

  • melwestbury -- You describe a lot of what I have experienced and more. (or more often anways). You are definitely spiritually gifted. You came to the right place. Many here have been helping me since I came here.

    Welcome to forum and I hope you get the answers you are seeking. 🙂

    God bless,


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