Who is stealing from me? please

  • Recently I've had money go missing from me, I allways leave it in my room, only my friends have been in there but now it's happend for the second time, this time £25 has gone missing, I have people i suspect i was just wondering if anyone has any insight to who is doing this, these are people im ment to trust, if i can't trust them in my own house, how can i trust what i tell them.

  • Its one of your closest friends. Believe me. And I suggest you keep things to yourself.

  • can you tell me more please?

  • This is common sense actually instead of psychic ability. Ask yourself, how long have I've known these people? Have your friends ever stolen from stores before or anyone else and you knew about it? Well, there's your number one suspect. I know plenty of theives. I, on the other hand, am not one. I've been taken before, so I know. I always knew who it was too, so, follow your intuition. It's truly a gift, you just have to listen to it. good luck!! 🙂

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