NEED A little advice on a GEMINI

  • hello i need a little bit of advice. first off i am a cancer who has deep feelings for a gemini woman which i met at my work and then she moved away to california.we stayed in touch via email,phone,txt, ect.. we have been friends going on a couple of years. recently in november last year i spilled my guts to her and told her how i felt and she eventually responded but the letter she sent to me was still quite confusing. we still talk and stay in contact but i havent brought up the love issue with her since because i do not want to push it and im supposed to be going for a visit to see her in a couple of months. i guess what my question is is how do i know or how can i tell if this gemini girl has an interest in me? i just dont want to get over there and get blindsided with meeting her boyfriend(which she says she dosent have). how do i know if shes really into me? can anybody please give me some advice on this


  • I'm a gemini female....if she is like me, she probably adores getting your phone calls,texts, letters etc We like to flirt, on paper and in person....but until you meet up again she won't be able to gauge in her own mind her true extent of her feelings. I think you're going to have to visit her, and be determined to enjoy her company'll tell whether she is into you by the way she reacts with you when you're together. If she adores you as a friend, then embrace that friendship....if she wants you as a lover, you'll know...geminis are quite upfront when it comes to passion! Either way, have a great've nothing to lose and alot to gain!

  • Hi, I like what mrchick wrote. I think it's cool you all have been friends for so long. Gemini is a sign that has been predominant in my life (family and friends.) I do see two sides to every Gemini. But everyone seems to have different sides anyway. Just be yourself and don't worry. But if you truly have strong feelings for this person, then let her know.

  • she knows. i just havent gotten a straight answer from her. she has been sending me so many mixed signals sometimes it drives me crazy, but i dont want to push the issue just yet until i get over there to see how things are and feel the situation out. hopefully i wont leave there feeling confused like ive been for the last year or so. thanks for all the feedback youre welcome to leave more

  • I am a female Gemini and I can tell you first hand that we sometimes don't now how we feel right of the bat. You will have to get there and just let the experience flow naturally. Gemini's do not like to be pushed, but, we are capable of making up our minds very quickly. Don't worry about either one of you being left confused, Gemini's don't like loose ends and beleive me if she is truly interested in more than a friendship with you she will let you know. Gemini's are the rulers of communication. If the trip ends without her telling you she feels more for you then friendship it definitely means she just wants to be friends. I hope this helps you, and remember don't push her that's a sure fire way to drive her away from you.

  • Hi well coming from a Gemini's perspective (female) she may not have another, but maybe you have not captured her interest. I know I am interested in many people but when one captures my heart I would have a hard time being with anyone else. If he turned me down I would never let him know he hurt me so, I would date others but not seriously unless my heart felt the connection and he would have to capture my mind, body and soul. I would agree with the Gemini above if a Gemini is interested in you she will show it and say it.

    We are all about talking. Also agreed it may take a bit but a Gemini knows if she loves a man or not there is nothing in between it does not take long to know and she will be true to you if she loves you.

  • I agree with my fellow Geminis! Definately do not push for anything. If we are interested we will definately tell you, and show you! If nothing else comes of the two of you, at least you'll have a great friend out of it! I wish you all the best with her. Good luck!

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