• what areas do i address for my love life with my man hes a virgo and im an aquarius and we are having some trust issues and commitment issues his of course lol PLEASE SOMEONE thanks so much

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks so much for replaying and I was hoping I could rearrange something to help lol anyway I will go to where you said and try again thanks Lisa

  • Hi, I was not able to read the thread above, it looks as if it was deleted. I am a Scorpio and my fiance is a scorpio. We also have trust issues and we aren't even married yet. He is so scared that someone will take me away from him regardless of how I try to ease his mind. It is very overwhelming and damaging our relationship. any advice? This is a daily concern and it's driving me away fast.

  • Confused scorpion.. Try to use the color yellow and purple around the home.

    In the bedroom, something that has water in it. Like a small water fountain, or floating candles on a water bowl. Anything related to water .. use it. I sense water calms him in some way.

    Lastly no one can cure his insecurities but him.. he needs to sort these insecurities out. I sense you both have a strong bond, so how about going to couple counselling together? I don't want to be a downer but insecurities get worse in time, and they can create big problems in a marriage. Best to get onto it now if I was you and him to have a chance at a lasting union.

  • Thank you Dangala! I will definitely try your advice. And your right, no one can cure his insecurities but him. They have already created big problems between us because I can't tolerate it. We have mentioned counseling but he's not fully there yet. He is actually the one that brought it up first. He has been hurt so many times in the past as we all have but he doesn't understand that he needs to let it go if we're going to make this work. I guess he doesn't know how to let it go. Thank you so much for your input! Have a good day!

  • All the best to you both CS! 🙂

  • I joined a chat room with a person on this forum, if you google healing chat forum and its your choice you can get real results. Trust is often an issue, its not your man peray, you said both have the issue so you both attracted does not matter what you do now peray because you are in a relationship now based of the begining when you both had trust issues...what you do does not effect his actions and choice in regards to trust unless you want to be controlled. He has to be willing to engage in the purple yellow thing...if you do it without telling him why thats more know...Consider why you attracted it and why you hold it..until you get rid of it you will keep attracting it.

    Heal from the trust issue, past causes that created the distrust:)

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