Help with tarot reading

  • Hi, all. I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone could help me with interpreting my spread. My question is if my husband would pass his boards. I used the celtic cross spread. Here are the cards:

    1 Ace of Wands

    2 Four of cups

    3 Knight of Pentacles R

    4 nine of swords R

    5 Four of swords

    6 The Tower

    7 Star R

    8 Death R

    9 three of wands

    10 Queen of cups

    I'm very new to tarot reading and Im confused as to what the number 10 card mean. Im guessing that it's referring to a person. I cant relate the card to the question. Sorry if this is a noob question.

  • pls help

  • sorry, the 10th card is Queen of Wands R

  • hey rhediamond

    Why not you say what you think the cards mean to you, the cards are speaking to you and maybe the message is only for you. Every reader sees each card differently and it might help if you gave us your initial understanding as to what the cards are telling you

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