Celtic Cross help-concerned with Five of Cups

  • Hello All,

    I am a new member to this forum and I enjoy reading the post, I recently began reading tarot and enjoy learning more about it. Tonight I meditated and gave myself a reading and I am little concerned as I think I might have misread them,

    First I gave a 3 card spread...money (The Wheel of Furtune) Career (The Magician) and Love (Three of Swords) then I did the eltic Cross, and the cards were:

    Card 1 The Magician

    Card 2 Nine of Wands

    CArd 3 Six of Cups

    Card 4 The Wheel of Fortune

    CArd 5 Five of Wands

    Card 6 Ace of Swords

    Card 7 Six of Pentacles

    Card 8 The World

    CArd 9 Six of Wands

    CArd 10 Five of Cups

    This card didnt seem to fit in with the rest of the reading and again I'm new and learning, could someone please help me make sense of this reading. Thanks so much, I appreciate greatly any feedback.

  • Hi,

    Basically in layman's terms the 5 of cups is feelinghs of being let down,dissapointments etc and a card of regrets either caused by your own actions or that of another.

    Occassionaly it can also indicate the loss of a relationship and emotional times.

    3 cups are spilled but 2 remain standing,it reminds you to stand tall as there is still hope and whilst things look bleak now they will get better.

    I hope this helps a little, I have been reading cards a long time and did do a thread on here some time back ( I'd love to get a reading of any kind)

    if you want to take a look, but I had many things going on in my life and unfortunately became overwhelmed with requests.

    Good luck in your journey, I wish you the best.

    love and light


  • Hello Meandkids

    I have a question because I just had a free tarot reading for me for my birthday on the 12th of this month. But I do not understand the cards can you please help me.

    Card 1. The Magician

    Card 2. Two of Swords

    Card 3. Eight of Swords

    Card 4. Ten of Coins

    Card 5. Justice

    Card 6. Seven of Cups

    Card 7. Death

    Card 8. Ace of Coings

    Card 9. Ten of Swords

    Card 10. Knight of cups

    Card 11. Page of coins

    This was the Celtic Cross can you please help me understand what they are saying

    Thanks Illona

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