Taurus ex checking me fb

  • hi i left my husband after 20yr because he stubborn over a buisness that hasnt made money in over 2 yr and he negleted his family while trying to make it work 7 week after split he meet some1 wh he knows is married kids etc said there only friends diner coffee etc she going through marriage probs to, that was 5 week ago, now he texting to say they are serious and her family now know but that was after i threaten to expose it and let her and family hurt like me and mine are anyways only 2 days ago he told friend it aint that serious and last week told my daughter he aint dating aint in a relationship they see each other once aweek when she not home visiting her husband but i deeted him from fb but i know he checking me pics because he has texted to say i look good and happy and just yesterday he told me something else that was on fb i know i can also block him but i really wanted him to see the pics and comments to pretend im havin great time i didnt think he would look but my kids thought he would as he said for weeks that i wouldve came back to him, question if he so serious and has moved on why is he checking on me he also sent me money last week to buy myself summit for me birthday than x

  • okay so im gonna tell you a little something about taurus men, well men in general but taurus in particular... you know how your pretending your having a great time, well he most like is too... they do not want to be seen as missing you or alone so they will make up relationships or ppl, he may be seeing her once a week but its highly unlikely that they are doing anything... i would just ask the woman if you are curious... my bet is they are just friends and he is telling you all this because he wants you to have the reaction you are having right now, my ex taurus man whom i have a child with... is always in my bussiness checkin up on me, being sweet to me and then saying he had sex with this female and that female but it is all lies -i know because he doesnt have the time and when i asked their names he had to stop and think about it and i could see the wheels turning in his head and can tell when he is making up stories... if youve been with him for twenty years you should know him inside and out and know if he is lying or not and if he is just doing it to see what you will do... even if he is seeing her -its probably just to make you jealous... and if he is giving you gifts he still loves you my advice would be to talk to him in person and tell him how you feel, calmly so that he will come out and tell you the truth. if he loves you still he will roll over like a puppy dog

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