• I know you requested we not post abuse on the blog directly but your abuse button is not working as this dude carrying his heavy load is still here five days now.. Look under the blog--- question for blmoon. Warning--hold tight--you may fall off your seat!

  • Dear Bluemoon

    Agreed........there has been no response from admin at all Why?.

    Have you been abducted by aliens, admin?

  • Oh dear!! has all the "badness" started again!!.... it's just too much sometimes, I come on here to talk and get insight, and maybe, just maybe I can say something to help others...not often though, I do not have your gifts sadly...but from the lovely gifted ones like yourself, but lately have found myself holding back coming on here as it made me a little...lets say paranoid, because of such ones who are very abusive, I feel I dear not "open up" like I used to.... just wished I could keep up with the sick nasty who keeps joining time after time with different names, I don't know the name of this latest one!! it looks like admin has finally rid of him/her again..FOR NOW!!....I have countlessly asked admin to bar this sick, and in need of serious help person by their IP address...but it seems admin, for some reason just don't or can't do it???

    this is all to sad indeed!!


  • I agree. This is ridiculous. If they don't like what is being said then they can just not participate..


  • Hello Blmoon,

    Thank you for reporting this post. It has been removedfrom the forums.



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