Discrepancies in AstroSync Reports

  • I've studied Astrology for over 25 years, and I have to say that I've really been impressed with the reports I have created here. Being able to input the exact birthdate and location is a big part of that, as it keeps the reports from being generic. However, even with this information input, I'm finding BIG discrepancies in my AstroSync Reports. (As a note of interest, my "Hidden Messages" report was also WAY OFF...especially in regards to my parental enfluence.)

    My experience has been that using the exact information usually produces a very clear and accurate report, so I'm at a loss as to why these reports are so OFF the mark.

    The one AstroSync in particular is the romantic climate between me and my soul mate. It has been SO inaccurate that I really can't depend on it, and am better off doing a Karma Card or Tarot reading than relying on AstroSync.

    An interesting aspect that I can't input, is that my soul mate and I were not only born in the same city, but in the same exact HOSPITAL...4 years, 8 months, 6 days, and 9 hours apart . (He's that much older than me.) I'm thinking that not being able to input that information might be causing the discrepancy. I'd like to have some input from the forum about that...


    I have a personal deck of Karma Cards by Monte Farber (based on Astrology) that I connect with the most here at home, and use to read for other people. (I would really LOVE to see those featrued on this site, by the way.) I personally own a multitude of all types of card deks...mostly Tarot, but many types of "oracle-type" and other divination cards, too. But the decks that I connect with the most are 1. Karma Cards 2. Cosmic Tarot 3. Spiral Tarot 4. Medicine Woman Tarot

    This is my first post...

    Any thoughts or experiences on the AstroSync problem would be welcome!

    Love & Light,


  • I know what you mean by the AstroSync being inaccurate. I don't understand it either, but I had no luck with it what so ever. If it told me I would be having a stinker of a time with my man it would be the best day ever, if it told me were were green light for everything the day would fall apart.

    Also; like you, other reports are so accurate it makes you step back and say "Woh!" so it makes the AstroSync problem even more puzzling. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has had success with it on a regular basis.

  • Thanks for responding! You hit it right on the head...they are almost the exact opposite of what they indicate. It makes me wonder if it isn't some sort of a programming problem...? Occasionally, it will be accurate...or close. Those seem to be the Yellow Light areas. The Red and Green seem to be switched.

    I have also noticed that the full moon, and what sign it is in, has a lot more bearing on my particular soul mate situation. I'm a Libra, and my soul mate is an Aquarian. Whenever the full moon is in an Air Sign (or in Taurus~Venus-ruled earth), sparks usually fly. His ascendant is Libra, and he has a Scorpio Moon. I have a Taurus ascendant and a Taurus Moon, but my Mercury is in Scorpio...which is why I understand him on a deep emotional level. So, when the full moon is in Scorpio the sparks really fly!

    Using our exact birth information should be reflecting all of these aspects in AstroSync, but it just doesn't seem to be happening.

    I will have to say that our Compatibility Report DID reflect these aspects, and was VERY accurate.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Love & Light,


  • Greetings, SRNC & AirTwin, and thank you for your feedback about AstroSync. We want to assure you that the astrological calculations in the program are correct -- Tarot.com's in-house astrologer reviewed them (and she's a nitpicky Virgo who just loves finding errors).

    Some reasons why you’re not getting results that feel accurate: AstroSync is based solely on the transits of the Moon vis-a-vis your birth chart and that of your "AstroFriend." While the Moon has a powerful impact, there can be other planetary transits that “trump” the lunar influence. For example, if transiting Jupiter (planet of expansion and optimism) is conjunct (right on top of) your natal Venus (planet of love and self-worth), you’re likely to feel good no matter what the Moon is up to.

    Also, SNRC mentioned the issue of not being able to input the time of birth for AstroFriends. This is intentional, because the assumption is that most people don’t have birth times for potential romantic partners, co-workers, etc. We’re in the process of making changes to AstroSync to improve its effectiveness, and giving the option of adding a birth time is a great suggestion -- we'll look into the feasibility of doing that.

    Happily, we have also received feedback from customers who really love AstroSync and find it very helpful. Hopefully with a few strategic AstroSync improvements, we can make everyone just as happy. Thanks again for your comments.

    *I am a Tarot.com employee. The views expressed in this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Tarot.com.

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