• I saw that you have given readings and I really liked them!

    I posted a few days ago requesting a general reading, but no one replied.. I was wondering if you could please do a reading for me? Just a general one..... I've been in every which direction lately and the stress is overwhelming... I'm sure the cards will point to a perticular area of my life.

    If you are unable, that's okay too! Take this as a compliment for your prior readings! 🙂

    Thank you!

  • hi Cali4niaGirlz, i just did a reading.. there is something u know how to do yet u don really use them well in your life.. for example it can be work, it can be in talking.. anything else.. I felt that U have the skill to do things but you just never use it in a correct manner.. this may be the causing why u are all over the direction and make u lose your sense of direction towards ur goals~ I believe u have sew yourselfa certain target in ur life and u tried ur best to reach wat u really want.. and also when it come to do things u often miss ur chances or u make ur move too slow.. yes not acting rash is good but doesn't mean taking own sweet time or being really slow is good too.. my advise to u is don't blind by wat u have see and i would rather u may consider looking beyond wat u have seen in your life~ hope that helps~ 😃

  • Thank you Mikyo!

    I understand what you are saying, I'm just not seeing the area of my life that you are referring too... I know you said that it could be work or talking or just about anything, so I guess I have to think a bit more about what I could be.

    When you say I have the skills but just don't use them in the correct manner and may miss my chances... this is so true. I often take a long time to do things and I always attributed it to being so detailed in everything I do.

    You stated that I should consider looking beyond what I have seen in my life. This has to be the fact that I am very uncomfortable with new things. I've never traveled, I eat the same things over & over, I have a schedule and fluster when it gets off, etc... so I'm assuming you mean to lighten up and open myself up to the world of possibilities? Wow... that's gonna be tough for me! But if it's a step I must take in order to have peace and light, then I will.

    So, thank you again Mikyo for giving me a reading! I really enjoy reading what you give to others.

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