Reader could use a reading!

  • Hi!

    I'm new to the forums and still getting to know my way around. I'm always late to the threads where someone is offering readings, so I thought I would ask here!

    I'm wondering what will happen with me, Shirley (3 OCT 1962) and Joseph (10 DEC 1962). I'm not even sure why we broke up in the first place - one minute we were looking at houses to buy, and the next, it "wasn't working for him" anymore. Early this year we decided to "start over" and date again; it was going GREAT - and he ran away again.

    I've recently gone through a major transformative time in my personal life, my attitudes about things, etc, and my financial life is getting so much better. Every time I think about dating again, that little voice I always listen to says I should wait for Joseph to finish growing up, too.

    It's impossible to read for yourself, and even the readings I've been getting here at are really conflicting now! I get cards that say "you've found your love, be at peace" alongside "perhaps it's time to cut your losses".

    Does anyone have any insight as to whether or not Joseph and I will, at some point, be in a love relationship again? We're still friends and still talk on the phone, and neither of us are dating anyone (ever since we broke up, his only interest is in women who either already have boyfriends or have already told him that they're only interested in him as a friend, not a lover).


  • Hi Shirley,

    This is the reading I did for you. Hope it makes sense.

    Love or no love, but there is so much energy, vigour, enthusiasm around both of you. You have some new opportunities your way, in career, relationships, he will be more confident & sure in his life. There looks more chance of you two just not getting together but also getting married, getting in a bond, maybe starting a family together.

    This fall seems a good time for you 2 getting back together.


  • Thank you! That's what my instincts are telling me, too, it just seems so unlikely right now. And yes, I do help him with his photography business, and he's just agreed to help edit my writing, so I'm excited to hear about the opportunities as well.

    Again, thank you so much!

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