Asteroids and Chiron in Birth Charts

  • Chiron is an asteroid, which is known as therapeutic influence. Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta are minor asteroids and much less important and astrologically used. You can get more informations at

    Fortune means the point of fortune. It comes from the arabic astrology. In your case it coincides with the South Node, which means your experiences from earlier lives, your foundation for this life. You seem to have fortune always on your side, your lesson for this life is exactly opposite, it is indicated by the North node which is opposite to the South Node, Libra 0.00, you have to learn more balance in this life, finding your inner equilibrium.

    People notice only when

    something goes wrong. If everything goes absolutely

    right, people are not going to notice you at all. Then you must be going right.

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