I want to be very honest and clear about this.

  • Ok, first all I'm been reading tarot since January 2008. I don't do this for money and so far everyone in this forum like my reading so far. I'm not saying that I'm a professional nor a beginner. I read both upright and reverse cards. And my reading can be very negative when it's comes to reversed. I'm not here to frightening anyone I just saying like it is. ok. Good.

  • Nice one~~ same here for me too~~ I always think that negative isn't bad at all~~ sometime ppl just couldn't accept the reality~~ the reality world is cruel~~ and wat's more negative things will wake ppl up from their dream world~~ we are still learning~~ 😃

  • Good for you! I do read professionally, and in my profile I warn people that I will ONLY tell them what I see, not what I think they want to hear. It makes me sad when women cry if their love is not coming back, but I try to get them to think about any positives I see, such as career or something.

  • I agree and it's just a bunch of cards for peace sake. I understand there are some people who are skeptic and superstitution about the tarot but dang, get a life.

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