Need help deciphering reading

  • Sorry, I get a bad feeling about this. I don't read tarot cards but I do feel this guy is a user - he used you for sex, now he just wants a place to stay. I feel there are power struggles, animosity and lost tempers in this relationship that don't spell out success. Your partner is very ambitious and can be cold and ruthless by nature, and will do or say whatever it takes to get what he wants. He will want to be the boss in the relationship which you will not take well to in a live-in arrangement. There is no real deep feeling of love that could lead to a close personal bond - at least on his side. Sympathy and understanding are also lacking. If you don't cut off from this guy now, I feel he will make your life extremely difficult by being unwilling to move out and will expect you to support him. Don't get any more involved with him, please.

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