Need help deciphering reading

  • I just need a second opinion, or maybe someone who can do a second reading for me altogether? Would be muchly appreciated, thank you 🙂

    "I'm not sure if this is the right place to write, but I can't find much on the web to help me with this reading, but I did a reading for myself because I've been in a tough situation lately, and I was just looking to get a second opinion on it.

    I'll give a bit of a background though before I go into the cards of the reading.

    I moved last October to Auckland on a working holiday, which was supposed to be a year-long thing. I met my boyfriend and we just clicked right off the bat. It's like there was a link between us, and I know a lot of people say that but I've never felt anything like it. We spent every moment together, and I thought there was a lot of love there.

    When I became pregnant in February everything changed, we remained together until I came back home to Canada to start going to my monthly check-ups. Then he broke up with me at the end of March. We remained close and talked often, almost every day. And it ended up with me going back in mid-may to try and patch things up between us. All went REALLY well until I left again, and then he just flipped. Disappeared. I didn't understand and it hurt a lot.

    He's recently popped back up in my life again, but says he's "moved-on" in his head from me and is remaining "neutral" in our conversations...and is just someone I don't even recognize. Now he's coming here to stay with me at the end of the summer before he finds his own place. We're getting closer again, and I just want to know how things will go. So I did a simple celtic cross reading from my tarot, and these were the cards pulled:

    Present Position: Four of Swords

    What Crosses You: Six of Swords

    What is Above You: Eight of Swords

    What is Beneath You: Three of Pentacles

    What is Behind You: Two of Swords

    What is Before You: The Fool

    Where You Will Find Yourself: Ten of Cups

    How Others See You: The Sun

    Your Hopes and Fears: Ace of Swords

    The Outcome: Judgement

    Any help you can give me in deciphering this reading, or someone you can refer me to would be greatly appreciated, thank you"

  • This post is deleted!

  • No, he only cares about himself - I feel he will abandon you and the baby. He has other babies with other women, too and does not visit or support them. He is a serial womaniser.

  • I totally agree with the Captain, move on from this loser. Good Luck!

  • I get the distinct feeling though that Elaina will continue to believe and put her hope in this man and that it will land her in BIG trouble.

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