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  • Hi - recently drew these cards - been pondering them for the last week - abnormal number of major arcana. Celtic cross arrangement

    1. Nine of pentacles

    2. Two of pentacles (crossing)

    3. Knight of swords

    4. The Devil

    5. The Hermit (Hierophant in this mythic set)

    6. The Chariot

    7. The High Priestess

    8. The Sun

    9. The Tower

    10. The Lovers

    A bit about my current situation - I have recently taken voluntary redundancy leaving a good job, same company 15 years (which could be seen as a bit reckless in current economic climate but I saw it as an opportunity for change). Loads of ideas what to do but nothing defined. New ish relationship going well - sometimes I feel a bit insecure as I am keener than I usually am - so not got the complete control that I am used to!!

    Grateful to hear other views on this spread


  • You are contented in your own space with yourself (1.)

    But secretly you are a wanderer between two worlds (2.)

    Your foundation is your extraordinary radar (3.)

    You had to develop this to emancipate yourself from binding and oppressing relationships (4.)

    So your optimum would be now, to go on to your own way, following your own light (5.)

    The next future brings impetus for your career, success for your goals (6.)

    You see yourself as very intuitive and introverted, but it is still only mind, a very sharp mind indeed, your radar, but mind, not meditation (7.)

    The influences of your surroundings are very positive, life-affirmative and playful (8.)

    You are afraid of being a failure, the more success you have, the more afraid you are. So be aware of your ego (9.)

    Because you are still too much drawn to the other, you will find a love relationship, which will make it possible for you, to open your heart and follow your heart and not your mind (10.).

    Maybe after that you will be ready to go on your own way.

    Really, what is the distance between birth and death?

    The distance between them can be endless. If life, if

    this distance between birth and death, becomes a

    pursuit for self-realization, this distance can have no

    end to it at all. If life becomes a journey

    to self-realization, death can become

    liberation. While there is not much distance between

    birth and death, the span between liberation and death is

    infinite. That distance is as great as the one between

    body and soul, between a dream and the truth. That

    distance is much greater than all other distances put

    together. No two points are greater apart than liberation

    and death.

  • Hanswolfgang

    Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your reading of these cards - it's helpful to have an objective view (there is always a risk of trying to over interpret when trying to read for oneself). You have given me some useful pointers. Thank you again.


  • Interpretation,


    but there is no way to go back! Once you have come to

    the moment of Great Doubt, there is no way to go back.

    You can only go ahead. Remember this basic dictum of

    human growth, of growth of consciousness: that there is no

    way ever to go back. Whatsoever you have known, you

    have known as there is no way to make it unknown again.

    Wherever you have arrived you have arrived; you cannot

    escape from it. The only way goes ahead.

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