HANS WOLFGANG...can you please give some insight?

  • uullee,

    So how about the one who has my heart... : he is more interested in studying than in relating.

    how does he fold into my expanding awareness: by learning to let go, getting ready for transformation.

    There is no problem. There are just waves of energy.

    Sometimes it is a tide and sometimes it is the ebb.

    When you are in a tide it is very easy to relate,

    communicate, be open, to love, receive, to give. When

    you are not in a tide and energy is ebbing, it is very

    difficult to communicate, almost impossible. But both come and go -- they are both part of

    life. Nothing is wrong in it, it is natural -- so

    remember to accept it.

  • firehorsecrab,

    Do you sense that he is loving a new person? Yes.

    There are two parties, two philosophies. Some

    say "Seek outside." There are religions which say, "God

    is there above in heaven, outside you. Worship God:

    create a temple, make a statue, an image, an ikon.

    Learn the right prayer and the right form of ritual,

    and serve God, and you will find him somewhere

    outside." This is one kind of religion, which searches

    outside -- Hinduism, Christianity, Mohammedanism.

    There is another kind of religion that searches

    within, e.g. Jainism: it says, "Look within. God is not

    outside. Your self is the supreme self, God resides in

    you. So go in, but still search."

    A few search outside, a few search inside.

    Taoism says: Don't search at all! Searching out,

    searching in, there is no difference. To the extent

    that we know all is dream, to that extent we become

    unattached to whatsoever happens -- to things and to

    the self. The more you become detached towards things

    and towards the self, you start losing the idea of the

    inside and the outside. That division is again the same

    duality -- in, out. There is nothing in, nothing out,

    all is one. Our mistake is to look for truth outside OR

    inside. The great mistake is to LOOK at all. Then what

    to do?

    The taoistic formula is simple: non-doing, WU-WEI. Sitting

    silently doing nothing -- neither looking out nor

    looking in, not looking for anything at all, just being

    yourself -- and in that moment, Tao is known. Tao

    is your very being.

  • shatz,

    Sheila, you will come to attain a new birth, a new being. You are

    ready to pass through the cross, through the pangs of

    death and rebirth. You are ready to pass

    through any discipline. You are ready to follow. You have followed your own mind up to

    now, for many lives, and you have reached nowhere. You have

    listened to your own mind, and you got more and more into

    trouble. Now a point has come where you realize that,

    "Enough of this"

  • Thank you Hans - it gets clearer and I do feel a bit more peaceful...

  • Hi Hans,

    I need some direction...what should I be working on for myself and what should I be doing for my troubled marriage. Do you see any specfic career next steps for me? I am in graduate school right now. And, for my marriage what is our future? My dob: 3/17/58 and his: 7/31/59.

    Thank you....feeling lost and overwhelmed.


  • thank you, I will accept it and be with the ebb or the tide: one fills my life for the present.

  • firehorsecrab,

    dead objects can be transferred from one person to

    another, but not experiences. There is not way to do so. I can do nothing.

    This is such helplessness!

  • Lifer,

    I need some direction: giving the dog a bone.

    what should I be working on for myself: on clarity of your mind.

    and what should I be doing for my troubled marriage: once you got hurt. That troubles your marriage.

    Do you see any specfic career next steps for me? Yes.

    for my marriage what is our future? to behave as it is expected of you.

    My dob: 3/17/58: this implies responsibility related to finances. You are keenly aware of debts and their repayment. You receive exactly what you put out. You may fall into slumps as a result of your inertia so you need to remember to prod yourself into action. Once you get going, you can attain most anything you desire. There is protection in work and action. On a deeper level, you are here to settle karmic debts from past lives. Finances can go from one extreme to the other in this process. If you accept what you inwardly know, you will always be happy whatever the circumstances in your life. If you have discovered your special mission in life, you will not worry about how much money you have. You make a great teacher. You are a giver and can be entrusted with great responsibility. What you have to give is a clear knowledge of values and discrimination.

    lifer, you continue to be on the

    periphery. The

    whole process is the same as the inner struggle in you. Your being remains at the center, and your

    ego remains on the periphery. There is struggle and

    tension. And when you come near the center, you will be

    able to remain with your being, with your center, more

    easily. This phenomenon is the same as it is within

    each individual; there is no difference.

  • uullee,

    realize that that which grows on its own is useless, and that you have to plant something.

  • dead objects can be transferred from one person to

    another, but not experiences. There is not way to do so. I can do nothing.

    This is such helplessness!

    Are you feeling my angst today? Or is this allegory? I still feel progress in that I am getting faster at seeing that the angst is all my own construction, and has nothing to do with anyone else... progress is good!


  • firehorsecrab,

    Are you feeling my angst today? Yes.

    Or is this allegory? No.

    It is about desires. Desire means you are not fulfilled within, you are

    missing something so you hanker after it. You go on,

    from one desire to another, in search of fulfillment.

    That search never ends because one desire creates

    another desire. Really, one desire creates ten desires.

    If you go in search of a desireless state of bliss

    through desires, you will never reach. But if you try

    something else -- methods of self-actualization,

    methods of realizing your inner potentiality, of making

    them actual -- then the more you will become actual the

    less and less desires will be felt, because really,

    they are felt only because you are empty inside. When

    you are not empty within, desiring ceases.

  • Hans,

    You have given me much to think about....I certain can agree with the "slump" and no action. At times, I have to push myself really hard to get going... thought it might be depression....this is definitely one of those periods. You are right about the "hurt in the marriage". That is why I was asking what is the path forward...not competely sure what you meant about "doing what is expected of me". I am hearing absolutely zero from hubby for a year now. What is expected? Divorce? He does send money for our daughter.

    I am in the process of making a career switch...life coaching/teaching and HR consulting. I know it is the path...and I am in grad school now. At far as not living on the perihery...that is a really good description of how I feel about most of my life....never completely fitting in...trying to not jump altogether 'cause it will prevent me from being swallowed up by not-good-for-me-forces. I have travelled down paths my family wouldnt/couldn't and now with my husband.

    So in essence I am asking for a little more clarification on the areas above.....I certainly feel they resonate with my feelings and understanding...even the karmic debt.

    Thank you....an ' ole dog trying to learn new/old tricks.


  • You are so intuitive and wise... thank you for feeling what I feel and helping me to wend my way to health and balance... you are right about desire and emptiness, I'm not nearly completely empty, but there is a searching/wanting/wishing part for sure, that shows me that I really do have an empty part - perhaps creativity or music making, time alone (like you told me...) It's all part of the path and I am walking it, as you say... I really feel such gratitude to you!

  • Can you feel how much better today is?! 🙂 I went for a decent bike ride and felt so free - I am getting back some of my old joys - what a gift!! I felt like I was flying again... I hope you're doing well.... 🙂

  • firehorsecrab,

    Can you feel how much better today is? No, but I am glad you´re doing well.

    You will again be flying high, you will again

    start thinking you are doing well. But it would be better that the whole ego trip disappears.

  • Thank you firehorsecrab,

    the whole process consists in bringing you to THIS

    moment. Just THIS -- and God showers on you and God

    arises in you. And the God within meets the God

    without, and then there is great joy.

  • Lifer,

    What is expected? Being afraid of the father, hearing your inner voice.

    Divorce? No.

    So in essence I am asking for a little more clarification on the areas above: you will design your case that you may outdo others. You will change the mind of everyone in every respect. This lets you negate your heart, your feelings, and this separates you from all other people.

    lifer, let-go is the atmosphere in which

    witnessing flowers. They are almost two sides of the

    same experience -- they are not different. One cannot

    allow let-go without witnessing, neither can one be a

    witness without being in a let-go.

  • Thank you, Hans.

    Would love to speak to you....is this possible? If not, please know that you have really enable me to start a process of reflection and appreciation of where I have been and what my heart knows is the path forward career wise. The hubby situation is not so clear....he admitted to another woman (though it may be over?) where he is at now, overseas....seems the best I can do now is to send him love and take no other action for now...letting go...In the meantime, I'm trying to remember "action" for career and life in general. Lately, I have been doing a lot of work with the higher spirit (God) and trying to come to grips with how I am part of him/her and thinking of abundance and love.

    Much appreciation for your insights.


  • Lifer,

    Would love to speak to you....is this possible? Yes.

    though it may be over? no.

    Much appreciation for your insights: You really want only to serve. This is a one-sided connection.

    Is the higher spirit (God) in the neighbour? In your man? In your husband? In your child? No, it looks not possible. Your mind says no. That is bringing God too much down on the earth, and you have become accustomed to keep Him far away. It

    is safer to keep Him far away, you need not worry about

    Him. He is happy in His heaven and you are happy here,

    and there is such a long distance between you two that

    there is no need to worry about Him. To have Him so

    close you will feel uncomfortable. To see Him in your

    child will be difficult, because the child sometimes is

    naughty and the child sometimes drives you nuts -- how

    can you see God in him? How can you see God in your

    man who is constantly nagging YOU? How can you see

    God in your man who is always angry?

  • Thank you once again, Hans.

    Being aware of God in everyone (including me) helps soothe my spirit and gives me the energy to keep moving forward despite what feels futile or hurtful. This is an important realization that I have just come upon...it is helping me to get out of my "slump". It gives me the confidence to stand in my own space (somewhat peacefully--still working on this) despite what is going on with hubby. Although I am not clear what to do/ or think of the marriage situation. My appreciation of God in myself and others is one of the driving forces behind my passion for life coaching,,,,,to help others find their passion and take action. It seems somewhat similar to what you do, Hans.

    Blessings to you!

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