HANS WOLFGANG...can you please give some insight?

  • and don’t do evil...

  • uullee,

    judge ye not, so that ye may not be judged. Resist not the evil and don’t do evil...

  • hanswolfgang,

    Interesting, Do you know if this man is already in my life ?

    and is there any reason reason you see me not succeeding

    successfully through my career ?


  • addictdtoriches,

    Is this man is already in my life ? No.

    and is there any reason reason you see me not succeeding

    successfully through my career ? too much stress, you are overburdening yourself.

    This is exactly the situation with the known. All that we know is related to the material and physical world, and everything else is unknown. In approaching the unknown we use the same means that we have used successfully in dealing with the known. Hence all that is successful in this world proves to be a failure in the other world. All that you have learned up to now was with the help of memory, but nothing of the other world can be learned through the use of memory; only through experience can anything be known. All that you have known up to now is worthless, limited, and can be put into words. That which I am telling you about is limitless, vast and beyond words.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    This is a tricky one, Lol.. Stressful ? Yes I focus so much of my time on my business

    and taking care of first priorities I never get to really engaged in deep relations

    for long, My work has always come First to the point i put everything else LAST.

    Will I at Least be Financially Secure for 2010/2011 ?

    Thank you so much to take the time out to give me your insight, I really appreaciate it.

  • Hi Hans - I do notice the chaos, the rapid thoughts flitting through my head... most are positive and hopeful these days... curious, puzzling, and study-related... school is taking much mental focus - and I really enjoy it. I really see what you are saying (and all other spiritual teachers too) about quieting the mind and simply experiencing... but I also have to have drive and motivation and focus to pursue my goal of becoming a nurse. Can't a person have times when they quiet the mind and connect in to the greater whole, and other times of getting to live the personal version of existence? I really do love the life I get to live - is it really not right to get to enjoy the mundane and focused parts about living? I don't really want to operate completely from my higher self at all moments of the day. It's fun in this incarnation - I want to live it and enjoy it!!

    Thanks for always being game to stir my pot a little - I do appreciate it very much! 🙂

    Very fondly,


  • addictdtoriches,

    Stressful ? No, not yet.

    Will I at Least be Financially Secure for 2010/2011 ? No.

    Get deeper and deeper into yes. Say yes to each and

    every thing. Say yes to good and bad, to day and night,

    to summer and winter. Say yes to success and to

    failure. Say yes to life and to death. Forget

    everything else; just remember one word: yes, and it

    can transform your whole being, it can become a radical

    change, a revolution.

    Yes is all that is meant by prayer. People pray with

    so many words -- meaningless; just one word is enough.

  • firehorsecrab,

    Can't a person have times when they quiet the mind and connect in to the greater whole, and other times of getting to live the personal version of existence? No.

    is it really not right to get to enjoy the mundane and focused parts about living? yes, certainly.


    drop all belief, unbelief, doubt, reason, mind, and simply enter into your pure existence without boundaries.

    Experience always divides the experiencer from itself. But awareness knows no duality; hence it is not an experience but simply experiencing. It may not be right language; in fact, it cannot be right language because the linguist will not understand what you mean by “experiencing.” One has to know it.

  • I will open to knowing it... even as I walk through my day... I do get the sense that one can live this way... I just haven't gotten quite to that place.... thank you Hans. 🙂

  • firehorsecrab,

    there was once a man named Mojud. He lived in a town where he had obtained a post as a small official, and it seemed likely that he would end his days as inspector of weights and measures.

    One day when he was walking through the gardens of an ancient building near his home, Khidr, the mysterious guide of the Sufis, appeared to him, dressed in shimmering green. Khidr said, "Man of bright prospects! Leave your work and meet me at the riverside in three days' time." Then he disappeared. Mojud went to his superior in trepidation and said that he had to leave. Everyone in the town soon heard of this and they said, "Poor Mojud! He has gone mad." But, as there were many candidates for his job, they soon forgot him.

    On the appointed day, Mojud met Khidr, who said to him, "Tear your clothes and throw yourself into the stream. Perhaps someone will save you." Mojud did so, even though he wondered if he were mad. Since he could swim, he did not drown, but drifted a long way before a fisherman hauled him into his boat, saying, "Foolish man! The current is strong. What are you trying to do?" Mojud said, "I don't really know."

    "You are mad," said the fisherman, "But I will take you into my reed-hut by the river yonder, and we shall see what can be done for you."

    When he discovered that Mojud was well-spoken, he learned from him how to read and write. In exchange, Mojud was given food and helped the fisherman with his work. After a few months, Khidr again appeared, this time at the foot of Mojud's bed, and said, "Get up now and leave this fisherman. You will be provided for."

    Mojud immediately quit the hut, dressed as a fisherman, and wandered about until he came to a highway.

    As dawn was breaking he saw a farmer on a donkey on his way to market. "Do you seek work?" asked the farmer, "because I need a man to help me bring back some purchases."

    Mojud followed him. He worked for the farmer for nearly two years, by which time he had learned a great deal about agriculture but little else.

    One afternoon when he was baling wool, Khidr appeared to him and said, "Leave that work, walk to the city of Mosul, and use your savings to become a skin-merchant."

    Mojud obeyed.

    In Mosul he became known as a skin-merchant, never seeing Khidr while he plied his trade for three years. He had saved quite a large sum of money, and was thinking of buying a house, when Khidr appeared and said, "Give me your money, walk out of this town as far as the distant Samarkand, and work for a grocer there."

    Mojud did so.

    Presently he began to show undoubted signs of illumination. He healed the sick, served his fellow men in the shop during his spare time, and his knowledge of the mysteries became deeper and deeper.

    Clerics, philosophers and others visited him and asked, "under whom did you study?"

    "It is difficult to say," said Mojud.

    His disciples asked, "How did you start your career?"

    He said, "As a small official." "And you gave it up to devote yourself to self-mortification?"

    "No, I just gave it up." They did not understand him.

    People approached him to write the story of his life.

    "What have you been in your life?" they asked.

    "I jumped into a river, became a fisherman, then walked out of his reed-hut in the middle of the night. After that, I became a farmhand. While I was baling wool, I changed and went to Mosul, where I became a skin-merchant. I saved some money there, but gave it away. Then I walked to samarkand where I worked for a grocer. And this is where I am now."

    "But this inexplicable behavior throws no light upon your strange gifts and wonderful examples," said the biographers.

    "That is so," said Mojud.

    So the biographers constructed for Mojud a wonderful and exciting story: because all saints must have their story, and the story must be in accordance with the appetite of the listener, not with the realities of life.

    And nobody is allowed to speak of Khidr directly. That is why this story is not true. It is a representation of a life. This is the real life of one of the greatest Sufis.

  • Hi Hans - can you tell me what you see for my dad's health in upcoming months? I am wondering if he needs me to go where he is to take care of him for awhile this winter (I cannot go now, because of school, but if he needed me to, I could slow down my nursing school plan to help him starting in January.) Thank you!

  • firehorsecrab,

    tell me what you see for my dad's health in upcoming months? he will have to gather strength.

    I am wondering if he needs me to go where he is to take care of him for awhile this winter: yes, certainly.

    First you enter into the sky and then the sky enters

    you. And there is a meeting: the inner sky meeting the

    outer sky. In that meeting is realization. In that

    meeting there is no mind, because the meeting can

    happen only when the mind is not there. In that meeting

    you are for the first time not your mind. There is no

    confusion. Confusion cannot exist without the mind.

    There is no misery, because misery also cannot exist

    without the mind.

  • Thank you - I am doing some research to see how I might take my full course load online. It's very hard to think about being away from my kids and husband, but it's also very hard to know how much my dad needs help and not being able to be there for him. I feel clearer now that I can at least do what I can to be open to going when/if he needs me. Thank you! The union of self with the sky is beautiful... it reminds me of the password we use in my Spring Forest Qigong energy healing: "I am in the universe, the universe is in my body, the universe and I combine together." I say this to myself often when I am setting off on a walk and other times too. 🙂

  • judge ye not, so that ye may not be judged. Resist not the evil and don’t do evil...

    Hans I am a little confused. I am trying not to judge myself because i am bound in the habits of society and would like to take the path of acceptance for what is. And not let my mind chatter incesantly, But the evil part, i am not sure of? Please elaborate. thank you.

  • firehorsecrab,

    to lose the original centre is very dangerous from

    any point of view and it is comparatively so easy to

    do. So, keep an eye on your breath and try to transform

    it. A change in your breath brings a change within you.

    A revolutionary change in the breath brings a

    revolution in your own personality. As your breath

    deepens, your character also becomes profound; all

    superficialities in your nature fall off.

  • uullee

    Please elaborate: you are always fighting. Fighting is evil, at least for you. Do not try to rationalize always your ego, because it is your ego that wants to fight, because it gets nourished by fighting.

    Maturity has nothing to do with mind because mind

    means all that you know; mind means your experiences,

    mind means your past, your rehearsals, your

    preparations. All these things are implied in the word

    'mind.' Mind is not something in particular, it is the

    whole accumulation, all the junk, the whole heap, of

    your dead past.

  • So simple - so beautiful.... breathe present - in my center.

  • firehorsecrab,

    do not use your inner being like a basement where you

    go on throwing all kinds of rubbish. It becomes piled

    up. There is so much there that even if you want to

    enter inside you will not find space enough to move,

    what to say about bliss?

    Bliss needs a totally empty temple of your being.

    Less than that won't do. When your inner world is

    utterly empty -- empty of thoughts, empty of dreams,

    empty of knowledge, empty of scriptures, empty of all

    that you have learned before, just empty -- then it has

    a purity, a deep innocence, a virginity. It is just

    like the sky, vast and infinite, unlimited, unbounded.

    Only then in that unboundedness, unlimitedness, bliss


  • It's a beautiful goal. I can hardly imagine it. 😉 One day, when I am ready... and on my way, I will continue to find times for meditation and breathing and being present - it's a gradual, happy progression overall so far. My head is nowhere near empty, but it is kind, thoughtful and optimistic - I know this is not the same as emptiness... but it is good. How are you wise Hans?

  • firehorsecrab,

    how are you wise Hans? not wise enough.

    What I mean by this is that when you are capable of

    being absolutely alone, and when there is no need to

    move in love, then love is beautiful. When there is no

    need, no obsession, then there is no dependence, so

    when you move into love it will be a sharing. You want

    to share because you have so much, and you want to

    share it with someone with whom you feel an attunement.

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