HANS WOLFGANG...can you please give some insight?

  • I love your picture too Hans. You are truly beautiful inside out!

    Your advice rings very true - Enormous amount of lessons learnt here!!


    Why did my ex text me asking me to marry him??/*?

    Do you see us getting re married?

    Since there is no seperation between the two, will there be divorced?

    [They are now married]

    What you said remind me of a book i love to read and re read - THE GOLDEN WORDS

    of a Sufi Sheikh. It has changed me into a better person these past years..

    Among his other books - [ For sharing. Rather meaningful ]

    "Bear with things as the earth bears with us; by yeilding, by accepting, by nourishing."

    God is smiling on you Hans πŸ˜ƒ

    Love your style. Excellent!


    A big thank you


    Always grateful - Daria

  • I love you too!! And I agree wholeheartedly with Daria - I love your style and your wisdom and your generosity of spirit - you are a wise teacher... I'm very grateful!

  • Lifer,

    thank you.

    My approach to religion is totally different. It is

    rooted in celebration, in wholeness, in health. I am

    not against life, I am in absolute love with life

    because to me life is god. There is no god other than

    life. One need not bother about any god up above there,

    in the heavens. God is within you and god is all around

    you, within everything. God means existence, that which

    exists is divine; hence even death is divine because

    that too exists. It exists as much as life itself, it

    is the very culmination of life. Life comes to a

    crescendo in death.

  • nonya,

    thank you.

    Why did my ex text me asking me to marry him??/*? Because your strength is irresistible, he does not want you to have your own space.

    Do you see us getting re married? No.

    will there be divorced? yes.

    Daria, what can you do? It is helpful to use the principle of witnessing in this connection. Thereby a way of going beyond the mind is created and the ultimate relaxedness is attained. And what are you normally doing? When the mind becomes restless you want to get away from it, and when the mind becomes peaceful you want to cling to it. You want to save the peace and remove the restlessness. When the mind is miserable you want to get rid of it; when the mind is in happiness you embrace it and want to keep it with you. By continually looking for the opposite you will never be able to be free of the mind, because that is the very function of the mind: to be rid of the unhappiness, to catch hold of the happiness.

  • firehorsecrab,

    thank you.

    One woman was coming every Sunday to the

    confessional, and confessing the same sin that she had

    been raped. The bishop said, "That is not your sin, you

    don't have to confess it -- let the person who has

    raped you."

    She said, "But I enjoyed it! That's why I have to

    confess it. I pretended to resist, but deep down I


    The priest said, "Even if you enjoyed it, you have

    been forgiven. You have donated to the charity box, and

    I have prayed for you to God. And this is the third

    time... who is this man? Is he the same man raping

    again and again every week?"

    She said, "I have to confess, he has raped me only

    once, and because I enjoyed it he did not bother to

    rape me again. He looked embarrassed... what is the

    point? In fact, he must have felt he had been raped,

    tricked. So I go into places where he hangs around; the

    moment he sees me, he escapes."

    But the priest said, "If it has happened only once

    then what is the point every week to come to the


    She said, "I enjoy the idea and to tell you in

    detail. It is nothing to me -- ten dollars I can give

    as a punishment, and you can pray for my sin. But I

    enjoy even describing it."

  • Hmmmm... it's a cute story... again, I have some trouble with the correlation for me? Are you getting a feeling like I am going to re-travel my old path of longing and obsession once again? I confess, i have a weakness for fantasy and imagination... I live very much in my present and love to practice gratitude for all that is in my life... SO much good!! But, there is always the possibility I could repeat my longing for people I cannot have in my life... it does happen from time to time in my life... so much is improving now - I am hopeful that perhaps I will not have to keep traveling this well-worn path. Thanks for the story... if you care to share your insights - I'd love to hear.... xo

  • Beautifully said Hans. Gold is scarce. Brass is sold everywhere.

    Your true love will bring peace and comfort to the hearts of all lives.

    Appreciate all the pearls you cast! Will value them..

    Yes i am beginning to see tranquility within myself.

    Thank you Hans πŸ™‚

    With much love - Daria

  • firehorsecrab

    I have some trouble with the correlation for me? A woman who has no guilt will not go to a church, will

    not go to a confessional in a Catholic church. For

    what? -- unless one enjoys talking about so-called


    Are you getting a feeling like I am going to re-travel my old path of longing and obsession once again? No.

    if you care to share your insights - I'd love to hear: you are still suppressing your strength.

    And everybody is deceiving: a few are deceiving by

    earning money and thinking that when they are

    super-rich they will have reached to the realization of

    their potential; a few are deceiving by accumulating

    knowledge; a few are deceiving by becoming powerful,

    respectable; a few are even deceiving by becoming

    saints, ascetics. But whatever you do, unless it leads

    to awareness of your nature, it is a deceiving.

  • nonya,

    thank you, love is flowing to you.

    Daria, this is why I always say that to be a mother is one of the most difficult things in the world. Anybody can give birth to a child, but to be a mother, very few are qualified, rarely, because to be a mother means to give the child so much freedom, with much love, that the spontaneous love in the child arises.

  • Gem of a statement Hans πŸ™‚

    You knew.. Amazingly accurate!

    Yes i am kind of struggling to be a very good mother..

    Thank youu. Hope i succeed. My son dob May 9 2004.

    Hans my ex text me again today. He asks that i meet up with him next weekend.

    Should i meet up?

    Is he in love with me now?

    Are they having somekind of a misunderstanding?

    Are they having a fight?

    Is he injured in the heart?

    Hans, much thanks for your wealth of wisdom, love and compassion - Daria

  • Hi Hans,

    Master of wise parables.. I am in need of one again. It has to do with my fate of letting go of societies conventional rules or stigmas. Unfortunately I am afraid my friend who is a buddist(08/13/75) would feel that I am not a challenge andworthy of his love.

    So as my teacher who sends me words of thought to open my concience I appreciate this for my clarity.

    Thank you

  • I will try to open to my strength. One of my greatest strengths is love, and I will open myself to giving and receiving more love. There are times when I have to focus on my own goals though too - I am hopeful that this is congruent with loving well - loving myself well enough to see this schooling through successfully... long range it will help all the family. My husband is very supportive but the poor thing is getting more and more depressed by his lack of good work... Do you see anyone coming to him soon needing a beautiful home designed?

  • nonya,

    My son dob May 9 2004: he has considerable emotional power, charm and personal magnetism. In his later life this power could be used to bring him success in any activities that deal with groups of people such as acting or sales work. It is also an indicator of having healing energy, a 'spiritual force' gathering in him , a force he can use to better his life in many ways. This power will be available to use at his discretion. This will give him the power to get his way with people, both personally and professionally. It can bring him more social fun, better intimate relationships or more success in his business.

    Should i meet up? No.

    Is he in love with me now? No.

    Are they having somekind of a misunderstanding? Yes.

    Are they having a fight? No.

    Is he injured in the heart? No.

    Daria, a woman reached Pablo Picasso. She wanted a portrait;

    the portrait was made. She was absolutely satisfied.

    She said, "Just one thing, you have forgotten to put

    great diamonds around my neck, a great diamond ring,

    diamond bracelets."

    Picasso said, "But you don't have them." She said,

    "It doesn't matter. I have cancer, and I am not going

    to survive more than six weeks. And I know my husband

    is going to marry immediately after I die. He is just

    waiting for my death, although he goes on saying, `My

    dear, without you I will not be able to live a single

    moment.' I know that without me he will not be able to

    live a single moment. He will immediately find another


    Picasso said, "I don't understand the relationship of

    what you are saying and the diamonds."

    She said, "You don't understand the woman's mind. I

    want my portrait, after my death, to be seen by the

    woman who my husband is going to marry. Then she will

    torture him, `Where are these diamonds?' I cannot leave

    him, even if I am dead. He has to be trained, he has to

    be kept under control." Great idea!

    People have forgotten completely to live.

  • uullee,

    I appreciate this for my clarity: be the conqueror.

    An efficiency expert died and was being carried to

    his grave by six pall-bearers. As they approached their

    destination the lid of the coffin popped open and the

    efficiency expert sat up and shouted, "If you'd put

    this thing on wheels you could lay off four men!"

    Just the whole life's habit -- an efficiency expert

    is an efficiency expert. And don't laugh at it, this is

    what you are doing. You are living in habits, you will

    die in habits. And because of these habits you will

    miss real life. Real life consists of freedom. And once

    you know that you are free then there is no obsession

    to choose this or that. You can choose NOT to choose.

    That state is called Buddhahood.

  • firehorsecrab,

    Do you see anyone coming to him soon needing a beautiful home designed? No.

    You are so involved in the outside world

    that you do not notice the tumult within. Only when you are

    tranquil this chaos can die down. It cannot

    possibly increase. But you are so involved in the

    outside world, in your house, your family, your

    business, your wealth, that you cannot hear what is

    happening inside. If you close your eyes to

    the outside world all your attention will go within,

    all the focus, all the light will be now concentrated

    within. Then in this first experience, when the light

    falls within, you will discover what chaos reigns there.

  • HansWolfGang,

    Long Time... Lol, Nice to see you around.

    Would Love Some Insight From You.. About the second half of the year for me,

    Any New Changes ? Will my career be successful, I gave myself until 2011 to figure whether entertainment is the best career for me.. 2011 will be a new beginning for a alot of things for

    me so im currently preparing myself for these huge changes as best as possible

    any advice, guidance, insight that you can give I would really appreciate.

    Thanks In Advance..Blessings.

  • Your discourse manifest these virtues one so desperately needs Hans :]

    I gained invaluable tools to aid me in my search...

    Thank you for speaking from the depth of your loving heart


    With sincere thanks - Daria

  • Wow I think that truly says it all:) Once again my self has much to decifer and not to choose.


    Peace, my friend and many heart full thanks.

  • addictdtoriches,

    Would Love Some Insight From You..: It's all surface. You will have to learn how to leave false identity behind, in order to move on into the future.

    About the second half of the year for me: you are dominated by the will power of a man.

    Any New Changes ? Yes.

    Will my career be successful: No.

    any advice, guidance, insight that you can give I would really appreciate: do not suppress your energy, just because you want to be in a relationship.

    Be simply so fulfilled and so happy, so centered that nothing can affect you. Any new kind of situation is really a great excitement. And to live without any conditions, to live with people who have total freedom to be the way they want to be, is already a transformation. All old approaches have failed. Squeeze the juice of life every moment; don’t leave it for another moment.

  • nonya,

    thank you for opening my heart to me.

    Daria, the question "What is?" is existential, and there is

    no dichotomy in it; it does not divide. But the

    question "Who?" divides from the very start. It accepts

    the duality, the multiplicity, the duality of beings.

    There is only being, not beings.

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