HANS WOLFGANG...can you please give some insight?

  • For me right now - the time is going very, VERY quickly... I think I love school! I am having a lot of fun, and though I do still think of my friend daily (very rarely in contact with him)... My pain and heartache has dissipated nearly to extinction - hooray!

  • Now that Hans, I can relate to. I pinned too many expectations on him. My heart is letting go, it's just difficult for it to find it's own rythm again. I'll get there though. 🙂

  • firehorsecrab,

    ntelligence is rebellious.

    Intelligence tries to live

    According to its own light

    And the crowd does not like it.

    The crowd wants you to be a part of the crowd.

    It does not like individuals.

    That is the challenge.

  • fanofkmm,

    Mick was walking down a street in Dublin, when

    suddenly two men pulled him into an alley. Mick put up

    a terrific fight, but the thugs succeeded in getting

    him pinned down and robbed him.

    When they found only thirty pence, one of the men

    said angrily, "You mean to say, you put up that fierce

    fight for a measly thirty pence? If you had sixty pence

    perhaps you would have killed both of us."

    Mick replied, "Ah, no. I thought you were after the

    five hundred pounds I have hidden in my shoe."

  • I have almost always been comfortable being my in my own uniqueness. And there are it turns out lots of other unique folks out there who really like a kook like me... I'm a bit of a happy loner too - as long as I have bits of connection time too... I live in a place where eccentrics are pretty common, and accepted as we are... thank heaven... oh boy Hans, life is feeling really good these days - all that emotional pain and grief are just gone, and I really truly feel better for the whole experience... and to top it all off - my friend called today and we got to talk - not about anything important - just a little fun catching up... so nice....

  • firehorsecrab,

    yes, the desire, the urge to understand is

    really the urge to become one with the cosmos. Then

    there is no birth; then there is no death. The cosmos

    is eternal. It has never been created, as Christians

    have been telling you, and other religions also. It is

    evolving from eternity to eternity.

  • That really rings for me now in my life - more than ever... I feel like I am being grown in a much more active way this year... I feel like spiritual growth is being set in my path over and over again - and I am so grateful for all of the beauty and power of it.... even the pain has been worth it (especially since it's now past!) I am not afraid of dying, but I am so grateful to be here to do the work, and all the more fun to work with all of these other fine souls I'm interacting with!! It's a fascinating journey.

  • firehorsecrab,

    it is impossible to give birth to beauty without becoming more beautiful yourself. It is impossible to give birth to a balance in someone without yourself becoming balanced. If you are truly a mother, then the birth of a child in your house will transform the whole of your life, because when you try to shape your child as a beautiful, healthy and peaceful person, how can you not become peaceful too? In fact you will first have to create in yourself all that you want to create in your child. A husband and wife can enjoy their carefree play with each other while they have no children, but with the birth of a child a new link has been added in their life, and now play alone is not enough. Now there is a deep responsibility in their lives, and it is a fascinating responsibility because it is full of love. This child will begin to transform both her mother and her father.

  • I so understand! I am a mother of two wonderful, beautiful sons... they have transformed our lives many times over... now that they are older, we are all transforming our lives again together for the better - I love being a part of this good family - and I do feel that though I haven't been always perfect - I am really a very good mom... and my husband a very good dad... we have been richly blessed with good parents and good, compassionate parenting instincts... thankfully, so far this aspect of our lives has always been very good. We must have done some things right in our spirit life so far... hopefully all of the current work will have such a positive outcome!

  • firehorsecrab,

    you are having to confront your attachments, your possessiveness, your jealousy, your fear of dying, and distrust, in addition to diarrhea. Just at the point when you fear that you have asked too much, it all passes; what you feared was too hard to face breaks away and you are not there – joy and gratitude rush in. Everything that is happening is a gift – the very gift that you need to grow. A sense will com that all is possible.

  • hi Hans,

    i love your write! you remind me the goodness of mankind..

    i hope you could shed some light about my ex.

    Do you see seperation between him and the other woman.

    My dob is Feb 26 56

    His is July 11 56

    Hers is Feb 11 64

    Thanking you in advance


  • nonya,

    i hope you could shed some light about my ex: either he relocates or he makes a journey.

    Do you see seperation between him and the other woman: no.

    My dob is Feb 26 56: you are service oriented and receptive in nature. Your mental nature inclines you to deal in the publishing trade, secretarial work, or if you are more aware, psychic work. You are always aware of your place and you resist anyone trying to mold you in any way. Indecision about love and friendship makes it hard for you to find lasting happiness in these areas. Your mental gifts are abundant and whether or not you realize it, you are always receiving knowledge from the "other side". Your Jupiter promises many rewards if and when you follow spiritual or psychic lines of work or pursuits. You have a deep heritage of knowledge from past lives that is always available. You have one or more "children" for whom you must make sacrifices in your life.

    Daria, this whole life is yours. It belongs to you... you

    belong to it. This feeling of belonging is trust...

    that you are not alone, that you are together with

    these trees and the stars and the moon and the sun...

    that everything that exists is part of you and you part

    of it -- this is what I call trust.

    And this trust is religious. You don't become a

    christian, you don't become a mohammedan -- you simply

    become religious. Then all churches are yours and all

    temples and all mosques. In fact then the whole

    existence is your temple.

  • Oh, I forgot the picture:

  • this is it:

  • there:

  • Thank you Hans. All that you said is very true. He relocate. My ex left me then with a 3 year old son.

    Now my son is 6 years old. He was a very good and kind husband for many years.

    We were childhood sweetheart. He divorced me last june..

    I thought we would grow old together 🙂 bcos he said that he will never hurt me

    & we would always be. I thought we were so much in love!

    Yes it has been a very trying and difficult time for me when the affairs started.

    I am learning about life and will continue to learn.

    You insights are incredible! Love you already..


    With much thanks - Daria

  • nonya,

    thanks for your feedback and your love....

    Daria, if you remain identified with the body you remain

    miserable; if you start becoming aware that 'I am not

    the body,' then bliss descends. To know that 'I am not

    the body' is the beginning of bliss. To know that 'I am

    consciousness,' is to know that 'I am deathless.' To

    know that 'I am consciousness' is to know that 'There

    is no way to harm me, no way to wound me, no way to

    destroy me.' Knowing yourself as consciousness you

    become eternal, you become one with the divine. And

    that meeting with the divine, with the infinite, with

    the vast, with the oceanic, is what brings bliss in.

    And once there is bliss, life has blossomed. Then you

    can live the ordinary life with extraordinary insight.

    You can live in the body beautifully. There is no need

    to torture the body; it is a gift of the whole, and one

    of the miracles of existence -- a temple, a sacred

    phenomenon in its own right. And it has been hosting

    you, giving you all kinds of comforts, coziness, giving

    you all kinds of sensibilities, eyes to see the beauty,

    ears to listen to the music and to the songs of the

    birds, hands to feel and touch the texture of the

    rocks, the faces of your beloveds. The body has given

    so much, feel grateful to it, but unidentified.

    Remain in it but be no more part of it.

  • I love your picture Hans!

  • firehorsecrab,

    and I love you!

    Jesus said: I am not thy master, because thou hast drunk, thou hast become drunk from the bubbling spring which I have measured out.

  • Hans,

    Your word to Daria are beautiful. I couldn't agree more...there is peace, strength and evidence of a beautiful today and tomorrow...despite what seems like incredible pain right now.


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