HANS WOLFGANG...can you please give some insight?

  • firehorsecrab,

    slowly slowly your heart feels the call and you enter into an adventure.

  • Whyaon,

    What can it mean to know what the person will be like: comparison.

    To know the problems which arise or lack of thereof: to do something.

    Is it insight, psychic powers, or is it expectations which manifest into reality? Unconscious tendencies.

    Does it happen for you with birth dates when you can tell many things just by seeing a birth date, the same as it happens for me with a person? No, birthdates mean just astrology.

    I would have more questions which first of all seem important, but are they really? No.

    Life lessons, do they choose us or do we choose them? Neither nor, just appropriate.

    Are life lessons like a sound which we can turn down or off when we want? No.

    If we are not aware, the same lessons can keep repeating just because we are not aware enough to turn the volume off: they keep repeating because we are not aware enough to understand these lessons. As long as you are sick, the pain remains, and this is good so.

    The first thing is not to breathe. Whenever you suppress something you start shallow breathing. Suppression and shallow breathing are synonymous.

  • I like that a lot Hans - and until then, my world-view and resilience and love and optimism are all operating beautifully once again! I still love the one I've spoken of, but with a much sweeter, non-needy love. I feel almost sure that if I never see him again, I will always care and wish for him the sweetest life, and will be able to live my life well too. And if and when I do see him, I will ask for the strength to flexibly hold steady in this loose love. Having no fear about falling back into the chasm of heartbreak. I also fully get that the heartbreak was serving to help me move through and into new soul territory. Painful but very beneficial. So now, looking back I'm grateful for every little bit. And grateful to you too. Very much. šŸ™‚

  • firehorsecrab,

    coming from nowhere,

    departing for nowhere,

    a flashing glance...

    Entering the mystery!

  • Sounds very exciting and romantic! Though honestly, I'm hopeful no one new comes into my life right now... I have the sweetest people already in my life now... if it's rekindling I might like it - but I might rather not even that... it's pretty good right now... though now I've started to dream about the one I keep telling you of... nothing great, nor terrible, just mixed feelings - like real life I s'pose - but there is a comfort for me in meeting up in dreams, I am relishing these...

  • firehorsecrab,

    consciousness is so near when you are in pain -- it

    is just there by the side, very near. It has to be;

    otherwise, the pain cannot be cured. It has to be just

    near to feel it, to know it, to be aware about it. But

    because of this nearness, you become identified, and

    one. This is a safety measure again; this is a security

    measure, a natural security. When there is pain you

    must be near; when there is pain your consciousness

    MUST go in a rush towards the pain -- to feel it, to do

    something about it.

  • Hmmm... that is interesting indeed... I am very good in crisis... in my mother's dying and death.... always with friends in need... I am alive fully and present... unafraid of the hardest of times... but less attentive when things are hunky dory... not so sure where to fit in... interesting indeed... even this sweet man and I - when things were fine, i could get irritated by bad timing, and wasn't always interested in the things he had to say... (many times I truly was, but we had our bad timing days)... hmmm....

  • firehorsecrab,

    the Squire and his Lady were Chief Patrons of the

    Agricultural Show, and after the opening ceremony they

    dutifully walked round, mixing with the tenants and

    peasantry, and looking at the exhibits.

    But his Lordship spent so much time in the beer tent

    that her Ladyship wandered off to admire the prize

    bull. Never was a male animal so splendidly equipped.

    "My, but that's a fine beast you have there, Giles,"

    she said to the yokel in charge.

    "Yes, my Lady, he be champion, and father


    "Go on, tell me about him."

    "Well, M'am, this here bull went to stud three

    hundred times last year."

    "Indeed? Well, go over to his Lordship will you, my

    good fellow, and tell him there's a bull here went to

    stud three hundred times in one year, will you."

    Giles dutifully trotted up to Squire and gave the


    "Very interesting indeed," was his comment, "always

    the same cow, I presume?"

    "Oh, no indeed, Sir, three hundred different cows."

    "Aha, go and tell her Ladyship that, will you."

  • šŸ˜„ Funny! Can it be the same interest-wise for the cow?! : )

  • firehorsecrab,

    Can it be the same interest-wise for the cow? Yes!

    Create a bridge to your parents.

  • I still have my dad - we have always gotten along well and operate with a similar spiritual joy in living, music, etc. My mom and I always got along well and talked openly, but had a very different work ethic, sense of morality I s'pose... She told me though when I was about 19, that it was almost like she was the daughter and I was the mother, that I was teaching her through this lifetime. Even though I drove her nuts at times with my slacker sensibilities, she always respected and adored me very much... What kind of bridge should I be building?

  • firehorsecrab,

    What kind of bridge should I be building? A kind of an inner bridge. But you need rest to go inside.

    Really this choice decides the fate, that you stand for righteousness becomes the decisive factor.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Rest does sound nice... I'd like to, but the fun keeps showing up at my doorstep... šŸ˜‰ An inner bridge to my parents... hmmm.... and the righteousness part... the word conjures qualities I generally don't care for... not a hard-line person.... I like the grey areas, and possibilities... righteousness conjures that moralistic biz that I generally steer away from... could my bridge involve accepting myself and my unconventional nonetheless loving desires... I would like that - leave all of my internal fighting between head and heart behind... have all parts of me living happily together in a little hippy commune of my soul... could that be okay? šŸ˜‰ It's very fun to think about... universe opening up sweet liaison opportunities with my sweet sometimes man if he'll have me again (the one I keep talking about here). If I could have no expectations, freeing for him and for me too... could all my wishes come true? I'd really like that.

  • firehorsecrab,

    could my bridge involve accepting myself and my unconventional nonetheless loving desires: no.

    could that be okay? no.

    could all my wishes come true? yes.

    Rather than searching, use the

    opportunities. Whenever you are capable of having a

    time empty, utterly unoccupied, with yourself,

    remain...remain in it, don't move out of it.

  • Big warm love from me to you Hans... Thank you... I will... become gently opportunistic... and let the moments that come to me.... be... ā¤

  • Thank you firehorsecrab,

    I felt it.

    But the very nature of experience is such that it

    cannot be put into words. The experience happens in a

    state of wordless consciousness. To translate it into

    the world of words is a very long distance.

  • mmmmhmmm....

  • I find myself missing you Hans - I almost want to come up with a question to stay in communication with you. More glowing love from me to you... šŸ™‚ ā¤

  • firehorsecrab,

    the body is born

    and the body dies, the mind is born and the mind dies,

    but you are neither the body nor the mind. You are

    something transcendental to both, something which never

    dies and which is never born. You have always been here

    and will always be here.

    The moment you start feeling it the whole

    perspective on life starts changing. Whatsoever has

    been important up to that moment becomes unimportant:

    money, power, prestige and all that. And whatsoever has

    never been important before suddenly gains great

    importance: love, compassion, meditation, prayer, god.

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