HANS WOLFGANG...can you please give some insight?

  • Hanswolfgang--- It just came to my mind that that might have been the energy of my past relationship with my one friend (once my lover 15 years ago) yikes! I hope I don't carry that on into my future with him or anyone for that matter

  • Hans--- you're right though--- I left him--- he found me again and now I'm allowing the relationship to go on--- and there is still that stigma I suppose of what happened all those years ago

  • Am I welcoming the lies of my own obsessive thinking? At this point, I don't feel that this man is lying to me, he isn't even in contact with me for the most part - he recognizes that the more we are in contact the harder it is for me to unhook from him - he's helping me to disconnect. Whose lies am I welcoming?

  • CapricornCat,

    please don't

    postpone. Don't say: "Had I best just live out the rest

    of this life in patience...?" No. You drop it right now

    -- it is worthless! Why carry it? Why wait? And if you

    wait, the next life is not going to be any different --

    the next life will

    start from where you end this life. You will have

    the next life in continuity with this life. How is it

    going to be different? It will be the same wheel

    turning again.

  • firehorsecrab,

    Am I welcoming the lies of my own obsessive thinking? Yes.

    Whose lies am I welcoming? Your mother´s.

    Your action should be for action´s sake; there should be no other goal to it. Enjoy it just like a small child innocently enjoys it.

  • Thanks Hans - I believe you are right on about my own thoughts, though the obsession is truly subsiding, I had a bit of a weak day yesterday, but am much better today, and even in a weak day, the shift and drift away is so clear - I am truly grateful for this precious release, and grateful to you for helping me through it too! I do have to say that I can't quite make any sense of the idea that my mother has anything at all to do with my obsessive lovesickness. She always adored me and was wise and reasonable - a truly old soul: wisdom-wise... ah well, we all make a few misses, your batting average is pretty darn awesome anyway! Thank you again and again and again!!!

  • Hello Hans--- I am reaching out on behalf of my little sister-- she is uncertain about an important relationship in her life and is wondering what to make of it. I would appreciate any insight into this relationship.

    thank you,


    my sister November 6, 1981

    her friend August 21, 1981

    thank you again

  • firehorsecrab,

    the day religious upbringing disappears from the earth, pornography will die. It cannot die before it.

  • CapricornCat,

    I would appreciate any insight into this relationship: what relationship? there are only dreams and desires and illusions.

    Kill the mother image in your


  • Again thank you hanswolfgang---

    I will take that into account and pass it along

    thank you so very much---

  • CapricornCat,

    Confucius was always in search of knowledge. He was

    always in search of somebody who could say something to

    him, he was always ready to borrow knowledge. That's

    how the intellectual functions: all that he has is

    borrowed; he never looks within, he goes on looking

    outside -- 'If somebody has it, then I should go and

    enquire.' The intellectual is imitative, mechanical,

    parrot-like; for the intellectual, knowledge is

    something that has to be learned. He never looks within

    his own being, he never looks into his own inner

    consciousness; he never tries to understand the knower.

    He is after knowledge -- and there is the difference.

    The Taoist is not after knowledge, but he wants to

    know: Who is this knower? What is this knowing? He

    wants to know the source of this knowing, where this

    consciousness is arising from.

  • I agree wholeheartedly about repression and perversion. I thankfully didn't have a religious upbringing - a huge gift indeed. 🙂

  • Hans, I agree with you and I have not been asking myself the questions--

    within lies the answers

    thank you,

    thank you for reminding me of the knower

    thank you for that.

  • Laying here this morning it came to me... my mom's morals and strong feelings about right and wrong probably did affect my intense feelings of guilt that led to the destruction of this relationship. I didn't even think of that, since my own sense of right and wrong were affected so strongly and conflictedly... I'm guessing that's what you were talking about with my mom.

  • Hola, I am hoping to reach hanswolfgang, in hopes for some insight and wisdom. I am dec 17 1963 female, in love with, aug 19 1971 male, we have been together on and off for about six years. Do you forsee a future with us, down the road? in a year or two or five even.. 🙂

    Thank you in advance. 🙂 best wishes!!

  • firehorsecrab,

    that is great. That´s what I am intending here: giving hints so that one can get in contact with his own unconscious herself. You said, no, that is not right with my mom, which is allright with me, but you remained open, something was touched, and then it dawned to you, your own understanding came to you, that is so precious. Only that what is your own truth can ultimately help you.

    The problem with your mom arose between fourteen and eighteen. The age between fourteen and eighteen is one of the

    most awkward. The child cannot understand:'What is

    happening?' Something has taken possession of her. It

    is a possession! Nature has taken possession -- now you

    are ready, now the body is ready, now nature forces you

    to reproduce. Fantasies arise, dreams; you cannot

    escape. Wherever you look, if you are a man you can see

    only woman, if you are a woman, only man. It is a sort

    of madness. Of course, nature has to create it,

    otherwise there would be no reproduction.

  • CapricornCat,

    people who have lived in isolation have become aware

    of this fact. You disappear from the

    world, so you cannot blame any circumstances outside

    because there is nothing outside...you and the walls of

    the cave. And you will be surprised: one day you are

    happy, one day you are unhappy, one day you are feeling

    very greedy, one day you are feeling angry and there is

    nobody who has insulted you, irritated you. One day you

    will find you are telling lies to yourself because you

    cannot find anybody else.

    "Could I buy you a drink?" he asked, by way of striking

    up a conversation.

    "No thank you," she said. "I don't drink."

    "What about a little dinner with me in my room?"

    "No, I don't think that would be proper," she said.

    Having had no success with the subtler approaches,

    the young man pressed directly to the point: "I am

    charmed by your refreshing beauty, mademoiselle, and

    will give you anything your heart desires if you will

    spend the night with me."

    "Oh, no, no, monsieur, I could never do a thing like


    "Tell me," the young man said, laughing, "don't you

    ever do anything the slightest bit improper?"

    "Oui," said the French girl, "I tell lies."

  • Stellinabella,

    n hopes for some insight and wisdom: you are losing the contact with your origin.

    I am dec 17 1963 female: You bestow mastery and success in any of the communications fields, but especially in situations where you are able and willing to take a leadership position or assume responsibility. If you are involved in one of the communications related fields and are willing to stand up and take charge, there is success. You are highly intuitive, can make fine mental distinctions, and will never do anything to compromise your integrity or inner truth. Keep these qualities in mind.

    Do you forsee a future with us, down the road? No.

    in a year or two or five even: yes, in a year, better in two, still better in five years.

    One who lives in desires, in hopes and expectations anxiously seeks a new birth after his death; he cannot escape rebirth. And for such a person birth becomes a bondage; it can never become his freedom. Because such a person is not really interested in life and living, he is interested in his expectations, in the results he expects from it. For him birth is just an opportunity for achieving some results.

  • Thank you Hans!

  • Hello Hansfolfgang,

    Thank you in advance.

    What can it mean to know what the person will be like.

    To know the problems which arise or lack of thereof.

    Is it insight, psychic powers, or is it expectations which manifest into reality?

    Does it happen for you with birth dates when you can tell many things just by seeing a birth date, the same as it happens for me with a person? I cannot understand birth dates though.

    I would have more questions which first of all seem important, but are they really?

    If all questions are in the same stack, their importance must become relative, because there's nothing to compare them to. What at first seems important then turns into one of many things in life.

    Life lessons, do they choose us or do we choose them? Are life lessons like a sound which we can turn down or off when we want? If we are not aware, the same lessons can keep repeating just because we are not aware enough to turn the volume off.

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