HANS WOLFGANG...can you please give some insight?

  • firehorsecrab,

    this story is a rejected story by the Christians, but

    the Sufis have preserved it, and they have done a great

    service to humanity.

    Jesus enters a town and he comes across a man who is

    lying in the gutter shouting ugly words, completely

    drunk. Jesus comes close to him to help him, looks at

    his face and recognizes that this man is well-known to

    him. He was very ill, Jesus saved him, dragged him

    almost from the door of death.

    He shook the drunk and asked him, "Do you recognize


    He said, "Yes, I recognize you perfectly well. You

    are the man who created the trouble! I was going to die

    -- why you saved me? And now why you have come again?

    Are you gong to do something more?"

    Jesus could not believe the way the man was behaving,

    as if Jesus has done something wrong to him. Jesus

    said, "Why you are so angry?"

    The man says, "I am angry because I was going to die

    and the whole thing was going to be finished, and you

    saved me! Now I don't know what to do with my life. You

    see, I am lying down in the gutter -- you are

    responsible! Now I am simply trying to forget myself

    and my problems and my anxieties by drinking as much as

    I can. And I know it is poison, but what else to do?

    Why you saved me? I have been looking for you -- it is

    good that you have come by yourself Answer me!"

    And Jesus could not answer him. The man is asking a

    relevant question: "Why you saved me? For what? For

    this gutter? For drinking and trying to forget my


    Jesus moved, very humiliated, shocked.

    He saw another man who was running after a prostitute

    He prevented the man -- he forgot the first man -- just

    old habits! He prevented the second man and said, "What

    are you doing? Has God given you the eyes just to lust

    after women? Even to THINK of lust is sin -- you will

    suffer in hell!"

    And the man said, "Stop all this nonsense! It is YOU

    who cured me of my blindness! I was perfectly happy

    with my blindness because I had never seen a woman, so

    I was never disturbed I never cared who is passing, man

    or woman, it was all the same It is you who cured me

    Now what should I do with these eyes? These eyes feel

    attracted towards beauty And remember, at the last

    moment on the day of judgment, I will point you -- that

    you are responsible I was an innocent blind man. You

    gave me eyes, and I had not asked even! I was just

    sitting, you came and touched my eyes and you cured me!

    You did not even ask me!"

    Jesus was now really shocked. He didn't go into the

    town. he left the town. When he was coming out he saw a

    man preparing to hang himself by a tree. Again he

    forgot -- old habits die hard! He reached to the man

    and said, "What are you doing?"

    And this man was nobody else but Lazarus! He said,

    "So you have come again! Get lost! I am committing

    suicide -- enough is enough! And how you came to know?

    Last time my sisters invited you, Martha and Mary, they

    invited you. And I was dead -- at last I was dead,

    resting at peace, and you came and resurrected me A.nd

    now again you are back! You won't allow me any peace?

    How long I have to live, and why should I live? What is

    the point of it all?"

  • the four stars of censorship do mean: h e l l

  • Hans,

    It is an old mindset that I want to move away from~ I recognize it and look to find balance in my future relationships. I don't know why it was ever a struggle to begin with anyway-- part of my ancestral pattern? I don't know but I am working to break this pattern in my life.

    Ending this "relationship" in a beautiful way is important to me-- to be honest but compassionate is important to me. I wait to find the words that will flow from my soul. I trust that they will be there when I speak.


  • CapricornCat,

    part of my ancestral pattern? yes.

    When a child was born in Bethlehem, three kings came

    bearing gifts for him in the stable where he lay.

    The first king came forward, putting down his gift of

    frankincense and myrrh before the cradle. The second

    king set down his gift of a large bar of gold. The

    third king advanced with his gift, but tripped over the

    bar of gold.

    "Jesus Christ!" he exclaimed.

    The father of the child looked up at him and said,

    "That's a good name! We were thinking of calling him


    Your name, your life, your everything is

    accidental. Consciousness will make you go beyond


  • Hello Hans,

    I am very thankful that you are still around and also always accomodate reading requests.

    I check in with you every few months just to make sure I am not being misled or straying from my path that I need to travel.

    I am currently going through a divorce and even though things seem to be going fine, I still experience bouts of rage and mistrust.

    I tend to be hard on myself for wasting so many years with this man by trying to make the marriage work.

    There are so many things that I want for myself, companionship, to love and be loved, recognition. It's selfish but in a sense I feel I am owed these things. I know though that demanding things doesnt bring them to pass, letting go of these feelings will bring me closer to them - Pls help me with this.

    Thank you, Fan

  • fanofkmm,

    help me with this: never create dependencies, not in others and not in yourself, never.

    Fan, these two

    words, "I am," are very significant. Am is your

    reality, I is your invention. Amness simply means

    isness. I is a superimposition on it. I is pseudo, and

    if we look through the I, then everything else becomes

    false, because your vision is distorted.

  • This is a good story about Jesus Hans... and I think I am understanding it. Somewhat similar to what you told me about trying to put legs on a snake. I have some beautiful healing abilities, compassion, and knowledge - but at times I get too much energy behind my desire to help and possibly steamroller a person into accepting my "help" - I know that at times people can require a little gentle pushing, even I need this from time to time... but my work is to recognize that fine line and err on the side of not pushing and allowing people to come to me for assistance if they'd like. Nice.

  • Hi Hans,

    Just trying to understand what you have written, so I apologise of I appear to be asking the same questions again.

    Are you saying I should stop trying to see life through my eyes? That I should let go and just "be"?

  • firehorsecrab,

    meditation happens only to those who are not


    There is an ancient story:

    A man was very much interested in self-knowledge, in

    self-realization. His whole search had been to find a

    master who could teach him meditation. He went from one

    master to another, but nothing was happening.

    Years went by, he was tired, exhausted. Then someone

    told him, "If you really want to find a master you will

    have to go to the Himalayas. He lives in some unknown

    parts of the Himalayas; you will have to search for

    him. One thing is certain, he is there. Nobody knows

    exactly where, because whenever somebody comes to know

    of him he moves from that place and goes even deeper

    into the Himalayan ranges."

    The man was getting old, but he gathered courage. For

    two years he had to work to earn money for the journey,

    then he made the journey. It is an old story. He had to

    ride on camels and horses and then go on foot, and then

    he reached the Himalayas. People said, "Yes, we have

    heard about the old man, very ancient he is, one cannot

    say how old -- maybe three hundred years old, or even

    five hundred years old; nobody knows. He lives

    somewhere, but the location cannot be given to you.

    Nobody is aware of where exactly you will find him, but

    he is there. If you search hard you are bound to find


    The man searched and searched and searched. For two

    years he was roaming in the Himalayas -- tired,

    exhausted, dead exhausted, living only on wild fruits,

    leaves and grass. He had lost much weight. But he was

    intent that he had to find this man; even if it took

    his life, it would be worth it.

    And can you imagine? One day he saw a small hut, a

    grass hut. He was so tired that he was not even able to

    walk, so he crawled. He reached the hut. There was no

    door; he looked in, there was nobody inside. And not

    only was there nobody inside, but there was every sign

    that for years there had been nobody inside.

    You can think what would have happened to that man.

    He fell on the ground. Out of sheer tiredness he said,

    "I give up." He was lying there under the sun in the

    cool breeze of the Himalayas, and for the first time he

    started feeling so blissful, he had never tasted such

    bliss! Suddenly he started feeling full of light.

    Suddenly all thoughts disappeared, suddenly he was

    transported -- and for no reason at all, because he had

    not done anything.

    And then he became aware that somebody was leaning

    over him. He opened his eyes. A very ancient man was

    there. And the old man, smiling, said, "So you have

    come. Have you something to ask me?"

    And the man said, "No."

    And the old man laughed, a great belly laugh which was

    echoed by the valleys. And he said, "So now you know

    what meditation is?"

    And the man said, "Yes."

    What had happened? That assertion which came from his

    deepest core of being -- "I give up" -- in that very

    giving up, all goal-oriented mind efforts and endeavors

    disappeared. "I give up." In that very moment he was no

    more the same person. And bliss showered on him. He was

    silent, he was a nobody, and he touched the ultimate

    stratum of non-being. Then he knew what meditation is.

    Meditation is a non-goal-oriented state of mind.

  • I love that story!

  • firehorsecrab,

    create huge love... as the ocean, boundless, without any shore.

  • I will!

  • fanofkmm,

    Are you saying I should stop trying to see life through my eyes? Yes.

    That I should let go and just "be"? No.

    Live your ultimate nature, of spontaneity, of your

    innermost being as it is. Then all

    distinctions disappear, dualities are transcended.

    Good/bad, self/no-self, mind/no-mind,

    God/devil -- all dualities are transcended. You simply

    are, with no distinctions, with no categories, with no

    divisions. This is existential living; this is the

    real thing to be attained.

  • firehorsecrab,

    if it is happening, it is something to be greeted,


    I have read.... A man went to a doctor, his friend,

    and asked him: "It is too much! I want to kill my wife

    in such a way that I am not caught; you have to advise


    The doctor thought for a moment and then he said,

    "The easiest way is to make love to her so much that

    within six weeks she will be dead."

    But the man said, "Six weeks and too much love? I

    will be dead before that! So you will have to give me

    some medicinal help."

    He said, "Yes, I'm going to give you these tablets.

    Take six tablets, two at a time every day, and you can

    make love six times every day."

    The man said, "My God! You had these tablets and you

    never told me? And you pretend to be my friend!"

    He rushed home with the bottle. Just on the way, he

    swallowed two tablets. A month passed ... there was a

    fundraising campaign in the church one Sunday, and the

    doctor saw the man -- he was in a wheelchair! Somehow,

    with difficulty, he was trying to reach the doctor.

    The doctor said, "What happened?"

    He said, "Don't be worried, doctor. Only two weeks

    more and she will be finished!

  • It's a really funny story Hans - though I must confess I miss the connection. Thanks for making me laugh though... I hope you are well and happy!

  • Thanks for the clarification Hans, enjoyed your story to firehorsecrab by the way. Very Funny.

    Keep well - Fan

  • Hello Hans. I'm hoping you can give me some insight. My b-day is 9/19/65 and he is 10/17/72. Although we have never meet if feel like we have this great connection. Not sure what I should do?

  • firehorsecrab,

    there is evidence that time seems longer in illness. Not only the patient, but those who sit by his side feel it. Sitting next to a dying man, the night never seems to end. When you are well and happy time seems to have wings; when you are unhappy it seems to drag. It all depends on your energy.

  • fanofkmm,

    people are strange. Just the ego wants

    fulfillment everywhere. So it happens that when you

    feel that someone is saying something which fulfills your

    expectations, you are with him, your heart is beating

    with him, you are in tune with him. Soon

    something happens -- he says something, he does something --

    and your heart is no longer beating with him.

  • Robyngia,

    give me some insight: just wait, and your time will come.

    he is 10/17/72: this means 'completion of plans or ideas'. It will signal a time when some ideas, ways of thinking or communicating, or some personal plans of his are ready to end. If he chooses to resist this ending, he will experience great disappointment, stubbornly holding on to things, ideas or plans that are no longer useful or helpful to him. If it seems that things are going against him, it is probably because he is resisting letting go of something, that in reality, is no longer doing him any good. On the positive side, he is ready to awaken to a new and higher way of thinking that will be better than he has imagined. This has been known to signal a time when powerful spiritual experiences may occur, such as universal consciousness, and also indicates the success of any endeavors that involve spreading higher truths to the world.

    what I should do? you have taken prisoner yourself, set you free!

    It is

    sheer competition: the big fish eats the small fish.

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