HANS WOLFGANG...can you please give some insight?

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  • Thank you firehorsecrab,

    Should I just sit tight and do nothing regarding him and continue to work on my own heart/mind freedom and letting go? No.

    Will this happen? No.

    The real test is in serenity. The woman who is simply

    knowledgeable is not serene. That has to be used as a

    criterion. The knowledgeable woman is not calm and quiet

    and serene. Her heart is constantly in turmoil, her

    head is continuously in a kind of insanity. Deep down

    in her there is a constant traffic of thoughts. There

    is no serenity, no stillness.

  • Thank you 333Tanya,

    Do you know what is "the full meaning of what happened" that I have "failed to grasp"? No.

    What do you believe is the full meaning of what happened? Honeysuckle! ...is for people who live in the past instead of the present. They feel that their best days are behind them and that there is little to look forward to, and as a consequence they prefer to dwell on past happinesses (or past misfortunes). In a more minor key, homesickness and nostalgia are also Honeysuckle states. Those who live much in the past, perhaps a time of great happiness, or memories of a lost friend, or ambitions which have not come true. They do not expect further happiness such as they have had. This Bach flower remedy helps you to learn from and recall the past without needing to relive it, so that you can progress into the present and take joy from today and tomorrow.

    Will the man ever be able to be stronger than the woman? No.

    Come closer, come closer!

  • HAPPYDoc,

    but rebellion has not been tried. Revolution seems to

    be easier, because against such a big society you need

    a big organization. But the moment you become organized

    you become the same type of society. You become just a

    reflection of what you are opposing. You stand before a

    mirror: the reflection in the mirror is your

    reflection, although it is opposed to you.

  • Hans, thanks so so much for your messages... your previous insight... you mentioned about meeting the my life-partner when I relocate.... do you know how I can recognize the city I have to go to?

    I have to look for a job and I have no idea where to apply to... you also said I would meet him when "I'm living my career"... what career is this? what kind of job?

    My current boyfriend lives 4 hrs away if I look for a job there would have to be private industry some ecological oriented job...

    Otherwise I could try and apply for a teaching job in the US... somewhere don't know...

    is teaching elementary/ high school for me? I would teach biology or science... this kind of occupation might bring "rebellion" to me...

    or is it university level teaching with research involved?

    I know i want to be involved with young minds, I believe they also need revolution and dreams to fulfill their dreams...

    Thanks so much for your help... I really need it as I need to start applying for jobs in the next two-three months...

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  • Is it just me or are we Pisces having a rough time of it these days...last year my job which I haven't replaced yet and now my 18 year relationship (i'm being dumped). I guess it's me...and i've been awakened now and I have no idea what to do now....this is just all too much right now...I think I may end up on the streets soon; and he doesn't even care at all, even wished my death to facilitate his life...who does that?

  • Thank you Hans.

  • Thank you Hans - I think you know/see me very well.... I try shutting off my constant flow of thoughts - so far it's very difficult for me... I asked him if we could walk and talk today or this week... I'd really like to hear his perspective about us... I think he may agree to, and I am very nervous... hoping I can channel that calm and serenity you speak of, hoping to channel unconditional love and compassion.... wish me well! You're so helpful!

  • HAPPYDoc,

    Hans, thanks so so much for your messages... your previous insight... you mentioned about meeting the my life-partner when I relocate.... do you know how I can recognize the city I have to go to? by where every brave woman every femininity is denied.

    what career is this? the way of your heart.

    what kind of job? paying out money.

    My current boyfriend lives 4 hrs away if I look for a job there would have to be private industry some ecological oriented job: very good choice, that means change.

    Otherwise I could try and apply for a teaching job in the US... somewhere don't know: good choice, it would mean going for your greatest hope.

    is teaching elementary/ high school for me? yes.

    I would teach biology or science... this kind of occupation might bring "rebellion" to me: if you teach science, yes.

    or is it university level teaching with research involved? no.

    In knowing the supreme element she becomes all-knowing

    -- that is, her ignorance falls away. The avarice,

    attachment and anger produced in ignorance fall away.

    In their place comes ecstasy, born out of true knowing.

    The light of knowing begins to shine, and to live in

    its illumination is to live in supreme ecstasy --

    ceaseless and eternal.

  • Hi Hans, thanks for your time... it's still not so clear which country or city I should go to...

    I guess I could go to wherever I get a job first?

    you mentioned two different jobs could be for me...

    Thanks again, cant wait to get out of school and get a job... 😉

  • Forjo,

    Is it just me or are we Pisces having a rough time of it these days: neither nor.

    who does that? an ego that has gone much too high.

    The violent person wants to become non-violent: what

    is he going to do? He has been violent with others, now

    he will become violent with himself. That's what you

    call asceticism? Asceticism is basically masochism: it

    is a joy in torturing yourself. And these people are worshiped, but all that has

    happened is that their violence has turned inwards. You

    torture others, they torture themselves; but the

    torture continues, and the pleasure in torturing


  • 333Tanya,

    A gynecologist was puzzled. In the last few days he

    had attended to five clients who had had the letter

    "W"' tattooed on their stomachs. With the arrival of

    the sixth case, the doctor could no longer restrain his

    curiosity so he asked the lady about it.

    "Well, doc," she replied, "there is an American ship

    on port at the moment. On board is this marvelous

    sailor called William who has his initial tattooed on

    his stomach. He has used a modern process of tattooing

    which leaves a mark if it touches something else --

    like blotting paper."

    The doctor was very impressed, both at the original

    form of tattooing and the obviously brilliant

    performance of William.

    So when the next lady came in with the mark he said,

    "Ah, I see by this mark that you have had a meeting

    with an American sailor called William!"

    "No, doc," was the surprised reply. "I have had an

    affair with a sailor whose tattoo leaves a mark, but he

    is French and his name is Maurice!"

  • firehorsecrab,

    the more you are

    acquainted with men, and the more men are

    acquainted with you, the less is the interest. It is

    only acquaintance that can destroy the interest. The

    more apart they are kept, the more interesting men look

    to women and women look to men. The distance creates

    the illusion.

    In Osho´s university classes girls had to sit on one side

    of the room, boys had to sit on the other. And the

    professor would sit in the middle, facing nobody,

    because the boys were on this side, the girls were on

    that side.

    Osho immediately changed it. The first day he entered the

    class, he said, "Immediately get mixed and sit in front

    of me."

    They looked at each other, "What kind of man is this?

    Every teacher says to be separate, not to talk to


    Osho said, "Just come in the middle. And rather than

    throwing small pebbles, if you want to, give a good

    hit! Why should you write and then throw those letters

    in the air? There is no need. You just take hold of the

    girl and get out! I'm the last one to object."

    They could not believe Osho. They thought he was a

    strange fellow. They reported to the vice-chancellor

    that Osho was destroying the whole discipline, although

    they loved the idea very much. The vice-chancellor said

    to Osho, "You are destroying the discipline of the


    Osho said, "I don't believe in this discipline. Who made

    this discipline? Is there any law?"

    He said, "There is no law. But putting girls and boys

    together, they will be more interested in each other

    than in listening to you."

    Osho said, "You are wrong! Keeping them separate, they

    are thinking of each other rather than listening to me.

    And I put them so close together that there is no need

    to be thinking about the girl. She's smelling of her

    perspiration, and you are stinking, you have not taken

    a bath for a few days. And every day like this, how

    long can you remain interested? I have given them every

    opportunity. If they want to go out they go out. They

    don't need my permission. And whenever they want to

    come in they just come silently, they don't need my

    permission. I am here to teach, not to make them saints

    or sinners. They can become whatever they want.

    The best way is to taste both -- sometimes saint,

    sometimes sinner. Why not have the whole wavelength

    available to you? Once in a while be a saint: sit in a cross-legged lotus

    posture. Sometimes, just be a playboy. Having the

    experience of both you will transcend both. And

    transcendence is the real thing."

    The vice-chancellor hit his own head. He said,

    "Transcendence? I have never heard that the university

    has any course for transcendence."

    Osho said, "It may have, it may not have; but I'm going

    to make my students transcend all dualities of man and


  • HAPPYDoc,

    I guess I could go to wherever I get a job first? No.

    When one has to find one's own way, why create this

    jungle of details? I simply give a light to you -- and

    that light will be enough, you will be able to find

    your path. I don't give you the map and I don't give

    you instructions: 'First go a hundred miles this way,

    then move to the right and then to the left.' The

    journey is such that no details are possible.

    I would like to share a parable with you:

    Among the youth of the country, there began a

    resurgence of interest in foods. Many different diet

    theories were offered, telling what was best to eat,

    and how and when to eat it. And with these theories

    came fierce loyalties, for eating is a very serious


    One young man said 'Whole grains only, with fruit and

    nuts.' And his girlfriend added 'Vegetables and fruits

    don't mix.' Her roommate believed 'No vitamin C, but

    lots of D and E.' And her cousin advised 'Fast one day

    out of every ten.' And she had a friend who worked in a

    health food store, who said 'Minerals are the key.' And

    every evening she ground her teeth on a tablespoon of

    highly-advertised garden soil, attractively packaged.

    Some discovered miraculous healing properties in

    certain foods, and for a time there were shortages of

    figs, apricot kernels, yak butter, sawdust and

    earthworms. But if these foods could be modified to

    bring out all their natural goodness, they might be

    even better. One young man read that vitamins are

    trapped within the cell walls of foods, and he began to

    prepare his meals with a blender. He blended bread,

    fruit and cheese with wheat germ, kelp and strawberry

    yogurt, and each of his meals came out a nutritious

    grey glue.

    Then the dietary habits became more exotic. One very

    serious man learned that certain yogis can exist on air

    alone; and he tried it for a time. And he had a close

    friend who learned of an ancient practice of turning

    the stomach inside-out to improve digestive secretions.

    But he was forced to stop when the neighbors complained

    of the unusual sounds.

    Now, the confusion was caused by the fact that each

    theory was a little bit true. And people changed from

    diet to diet and felt guilty because they continued to

    like the things they weren't supposed to. Yet their

    diet loyalties remained strong and, as these things go,

    each one believed his current diet to be the panacea

    for all mankind. And for all the debates heard

    throughout the land, the most frequent and heated was

    the question of vegetarian-versus -meat. One day, a

    wise man arrived in the city. A crowd gathered around

    him and he was asked all manner of questions. He was

    asked about Mind, Soul, God, Stars, Love, Fate, and the

    significance of the Sanskrit language. These were all

    non-controversial topics. But then a young man asked

    'Should I eat meat?'

    A hush fell over the crowd, for this was important.

    The wise man answered with another question: 'How do

    you feel when you eat meat?'

    The young man thought about that for a moment, then

    said 'Well, not as good.'

    And the wise man replied 'Then don't eat it.' And

    there was a murmur of approval from the vegetarians in

    the crowd.

    Then another young man rose and said 'I like meat and

    I feel fine when I eat it.'

    And the wise man said 'Fine, then eat it.' And there

    was a murmur of approval from the meat lovers. Then the

    voices became louder and the debate started anew.

    Just then the wise man started to laugh. At first it

    was a chuckle that softened the serious crowd so that

    several grinning faces were seen. And the sight of the

    wise man sitting on the little dais laughing was so

    infectious that the crowd began to laugh with him. And

    as it often happens, there was one among the crowd that

    had an especially funny laugh, and this so tickled the

    wise man that he began to shake up and down until he

    nearly fell off his seat. And this so pleased the crowd

    that an enormous peal of laughter arose and echoed

    through the streets. And passers by, without knowledge

    of what had caused it, were so affected by the pleasing

    sound that they stopped and joined in, until a great

    throng of laughing people had gathered.

    The sight and the sound of so many people enjoying

    themselves made the wise man... well, it went on and on

    until not one among them could remember having such a

    nice time. But the nicest thing of all was, on that day

    nobody had indigestion.

    Remember that. Whatsoever goes well with you is fine.

    Don't impose unnecessary structures upon your being.

    You are already in a prison, don't create bigger

    prisons for yourself. Although remember one thing: work

    as diligently as possible for becoming more conscious.

    Forget about character; character is a concern of the

    stupid and the mediocre. Let your whole concern be

    consciousness. And when you are conscious, when you are

    a little bit alert, aware, when a light starts burning

    in your inner being, when you are able to see, many

    things will change. Not according to any structure, not

    according to any ideology, not according to any

    fanaticism -- but according to your own understanding,

    things are bound to change.

  • We met today and talked and he was very kind and jovial, but I came away feeling like perhaps he could not tell me the truth. I feel sad, but I feel like I tried and now it is my work to truly let it all go. There is nothing more I can do. This day finally feels like the turning point I have been waiting for. I think I will not reach out to him and feel fairly sure he will not reach out to me. Does it feel like we are now truly done with one another to you?

  • hello hans, what can you tell me? June 21 1957. thanks deb

  • good afternoon hanswolfgang im am hoping u can give me insight 10/14/82 about my love life

  • firehorsecrab,

    Does it feel like we are now truly done with one another to you? No.

    Awareness creates centering and crystallization.

  • honnustee,

    what can you tell me? if you remain identified with your ego, you will fall down.

    June 21 1957: though there is expanded consciousness, there is also negative thinking. You must let go of many negative mental patterns accumulated from past lives if you are to access the inherent power in yourself. If you do, you will have reached the very heights of recognition. There is sexual enjoyment and pleasure seeking. If this is allowed to dominate, much time and energy is wasted that would otherwise elevate you to great accomplishment. You are here to end a major cycle in your soul's development, a completion that should see you giving your wealth of knowledge to the world. There are some debts to be paid, but once these debts are paid, you can proceed with your cosmic task of enlightening the world. Financially you are always assisted by men and you do well in your own business if you don't let it spoil your spiritual values. You cannot be totally materialistic or mercenary.

    deb, one Saturday night George ended up at a party in an

    unfamiliar apartment building. He got very drunk and

    somehow found his way home in the wee hours. When he

    woke up the next afternoon with a terrible hangover, he

    realized that he had left his jacket, tie, shirt and

    shoes at the party.

    With much difficulty he found the apartment building,

    but he had no idea which apartment he had been in. The

    only thing he remembered about it was a magnificent

    gold toilet.

    So he knocked at the first apartment. The door was

    opened by a man with a hangover.

    "Hello," said George. "Did you have a party here last


    "We sure did!" groaned the man.

    "And do you have a gold toilet?"

    "A gold toilet? No, we sure don't."

    So George had to go to the next door, and so on for

    three floors. Everyone was recovering from a party, but

    no one knew anything about a gold toilet. By the time

    he got to the last apartment, George was beginning to

    think he had imagined the gold toilet. The door was

    opened by a man with a hangover.

    "Uh, hello," said George. "Did you have a party here

    last night?"

    "We sure had a party here!" groaned the man.

    "And do you by any chance have a gold toilet?"

    There was a long silence.

    Finally the man shouted back over his shoulder, "Hey,

    Harry -- here is the guy who shit in your tuba!"

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