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  • Good Day Sir, Looking for a little guidance if you would...I (66-Dec-1) am in a new relationship with an Aquarius (1968-Jan-22). As a Sag, I have been overly cautious and have now fallen head-over-teakettle...I am confused and slightly concerned but I'm not sure if it's really my "gut" talking to me or just a case of the jitters. The concern is that we are talking about future plans, big ones, and I would just like to be as sure as one can be. Hope that you could shed some light. I appreciate in advance your time...Blessings

  • Alas, astrological compatibility profiles suggest this relationship is better for friendship than marriage. This could be one of the most exciting and explosive matchups ever. Unfortunately, little stability is guaranteed in such a relationship, so that you two are likely to blaze your way into darkness like shooting stars in the night sky. You are both apt to to very attracted to how easily you can express your feelings with one another. The compassion and empathy between you betokens an instinctual understanding of each other that will help you overcome many difficulties.

    A love affair or friendship will bring out the more sensitive side of each of you. Despite your popularity within your circle of friends or family, both of you are likely to feel misunderstood much of the time, and therefore in your relationship with each other, you may seek a variety of escapes - from drugs to sex and love to physical isolation - in an attempt to soothe hurt feelings and protect yourselves from the slings and arrows of a hurtful world. To the extent that the relationship serves as a shelter in the storm, it may have both positive and negative effects on your personal development.

    A marriage will have to accept the somewhat tedious social responsibilities incumbent on such a role. Although the world may view you two often outrageous and outgoing individuals as quite extroverted, in fact you have a highly private side, one that is clearly revealed by your relationship with each other. Moreover, when you do make a public appearnace, you have something more in mind than parent-teacher meetings or bake sales. So when everything is new and exciting, this relationship can flourish. But the boring routine and mundane details of everyday life will dull its shine and bring boredom, chaos, and decay. This relationship will remain glossy only so long as you two don't see each other every day and can keep the romance alive through novelty and distance, rather than daily doses of intimacy.

  • Thank you Sir. Insight appreciated...Have an awesome weekend...

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