Many Thank You's 2 Many Beautiful People

  • ok fbi agent there were clues there

  • we are going to meet up a different wat but keep this going for prayers haha

  • way that shouldn't be wat..

  • ny journey,

    yes for prayers, wishing amantin return and lets us know how she is doing she is a beautiful soul, like you,


    where are we going to meet are you up to putting a i spy room on deck?

    where is the best place a woman can find evidence of foul play by her husband and i am not talking about his pockets or cell phone, it is a place where secrets that want to be kept go


  • Ramonita

  • Ok, maybe my brain is going to fast again lol..You are now playing a detective so put your hat on and Go back to the thread where i started clue "E" then read each thread i wrote very carefully ,,,,then add all the clues together and see what you get..

    and if you can't get it you will have to be quick because if i put the answer here it will be gone very quickly...

  • The clues started on the page before this one...

  • you there hehe, krista and i are watching a show at 8pm and it should be over at 9pm then i will check to c if you completed your detective work..i'm on now to at leat 8:05

  • u there

  • no i did i think i failed this one,

    write to me, different thread, i have to close up right now,

    i will be back in a little while,

    the garabage can, is where most evidence is thrown and it tell s alot about a person lifesytle habits,

    nasty work, have to wear gloves,


  • I started a new thread called RAMONITA((((((

    amantin, still hoping and praying you are getting better...


    hugs,light and love

  • amantin,

    you are in our thoughts, we wish you the very best of everything in life, we hope to hear from you soon.

    our prayers go out to you always,



  • amantin, still hoping and praying you are getting better...


    hugs,light and love

  • Dear .Amantim ,

    I am praying to Archangel Chamuel for you to have a speedy recovery and make contact with us on tarot again to let us know that you are alright, you have two beautiful friends in Ramonita and My Journey who are very concerned about you and im sure that there are alot of others as well . Sending prayer and healing energy to you .((HUGS))Mags





    aka SHATZ

  • Amantin,

    here at the forum we are concerned about you, wish we knew something about you, it would be one great happy moment the day you say i am here, i am fine, meanwhile the prayers of healing will continue for you, may you be getting all this healing energy, may the universe bless and protect you.



  • Dear Archangel Chamuel,

    We have lost contact with our good friend Amantin ,we pray that you will be able to find her for us again ,please let her know that we miss her very much and that we are concerned for her well being, we pray that she is in good health and high spirits . Please surround her with your love and protection and give her a big angel hug from us . Thankyou Amen

  • Mags, that is so touching...

    Maybe Amantin, is just too busy now with work and baby...I know she was doing some readings also...before the infection took over again..

    I do hope she is on the road to recovery though, My friend had an C section and it took her alot of months to recover with the infection.

    Amantin I hope you can feel the cyber love and the Angels will let you hear our messages.


    Aka Shatz

    Peace,light,love and healing being sent your way.

  • living on a prayer,

    oh my god, that is so beautiful, and the message, you sent to amantin, i pray that the universe gets the message to her,


    we are here waiting for your return, praying that everything is going well for you and that you have pass the road to recovery, theres not a day that goes by without you bieng in my thoughts, before i went on vacation, i had problems with the charger to my computer, i could not log in, when i finally got the charger, i notice no amantin,

    praying for you, praying that you are healthy and happy,

    may the universe fill you with blessings always.


  • amantin,

    may the angels and power of heal heal you,

    may you soon return,

    may the blessing of the universe be shed upon you.

    hugs, blessings,


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