Many Thank You's 2 Many Beautiful People

  • that is a beautiful meaning, shatz,

    namaste to you!

    now my name in spanish backwards says,

    not to the ocean

    i discover it accidentey one day, because i am always looking for the fifth leg of the cat!

    hugs, namaste! always and always,

    you are one beautiful soul


  • Namaste is an Indian expression used as a greeting or upon parting, by putting the palms of the hands together in prayer position. It means, “I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me.” This, of course, is also a way of saying, “I recognize that we are all equal.”

    • Deepak Chopra

  • Sounds like someone is growing

  • shatz,

    those two hands in prayer motion are just beautiful, i also liked the expression very much,

    i hope you had a grand day, better than yesterday, but not better than tommorrow, also hoping that your little princess is doing great. here my two princes are doing great, i am just worn out, i think i need some good supplements, today i will not try to paste again, yesterday when that happen, i started laughing at my self, i though i was going to paste it and then erase it and it didnot work that way, i am just super happy zepagain return to the forum, she gives some really valueable information, i enjoyed very much your joke, it was awesome, i will close here, i send you a big spirtual hug, have a great night, god bless you.


  • sending prayers to amantin and wondering wonder, may you wonderful ladies, be doing great, just sending out love to through the universe, may both be blessed.




  • shatz,

    if you are looking for the age of aquaries, it is on page 180, i just drop in to read the threads,

    i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving spirit, i was looking through the whole thread on what i am thankful for, theres a few notes i want to make to start moving forward again, last few days, i have gotten on the wrong foot, i have to go to the thank you forum now so afterwards i can get some rest, may you have a wonderful weekend, hope sag, makes you very but very happy, that phase you always use, goes up to the sky, love, laughter,

    bless you, hugs,


    amantin, prayers always for you, hope that someday soon we here from you!

  • Couldn't sign off until I heard from you 🙂 Thank you ramonita. I hope this weekend will also make you very but very happy...You might not be 100 % sweetie but your writings are...I am so thankful you became a part of my life...

    amantin, prayers for you ramonita said, we hope to hear from you soon..


    Namaste' ramonita


  • shatz,

    hoping that you are having a beautiful saturday night with your sag man, sag men are pretty cool,

    the only sign with men i have problems withis virgo, i read up on the virgo sign and i had to laugh so many things they said that were so true,

    i am a aries with cancer rising, my husband was cancer and it was good. yes, shatz i am not 100 percent sweet, especially when it comes to things that affects my kids, that has alot to do why i got depressed, i had to control myself, i wanted to pull some hair because of the kids, well i can not do that even if the other person is wrong,

    but we live in a real world, where someties, it is hard to understand certain things, i am in a situation where i have to keep my mouth zip and that is kind of hard when you are hurting. other then that i started to look for jokes this afternoon and didnot find anything, hard to imagine mne not finding anything funny, i hope and praying that charming is smoothing out her relationship, i hope and pray she finds that love she so much desires, still waiting around for amantin to appear, she will be one shock person to find that between you and me we are keeping this thread alive. from the beginning i wanted to keep it alive, so many askfor help and so many recievce help, the word thank you is so big, and powerful,

    thats another thing i did today i was making notes on the thankyou forum, there so many good affirmations there, and how to manifest, i had notes but i wrote them so sloppy that when i look at them, i ask my self what the h.e.c.k. is that , what i wrote was so scattered hope to hear from you tommorrow, have a blless night you and yours,

    a spirtual hug,

    like you say, love and laughter,

    charmonita, ramonita, ramona,

  • thank you for your compassion, and love, and beautiful angel,


  • Hello ramonita, you have such a busy house, that’s why if you could, you need to, if you don’t already take time for you:) How old is everyone at your home that you care for, I don't mean to pry lol.

    How are you feeling, any better...

    It was an okay weekend my place is so small that when you add another body in our place it seems crowded. We all watch a movie, first my daughter went to sleep, and then I did, Poor sag man hahaha.

    My big brother who I have tremendous respect for, went away this weekend, he asked if I could go to his place and straighten up a bit.. He has everything in order and very clean. Just like my sag,...I said of course, he only trusts me...hehe. So I got there, and what a sweet heart he bought Krista a week supplies of snacks, plus food that she likes, I don't know how he knew but he did

    I came home with four bags of food that he shopped for us the night he left...Plus he left me some money which I know he doesn’t have.,. However, we are a like that way. I come from a family of twelve, one sister and one brother passed away. My brother is the only one that has really stood by me since Krista’s daddy passed away my ,partner then…It will be 4 years in November. That’s another story. HE WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT…

    Okay I thought I was going to right a quick note to say hi and I have been thinking about you and then my hand began to type hehe. Sorry. I will sign off now but first a hug, peace and light

    I had three posts to do before tomorrow. Then I will be back hahah… have you ever been on the enchanted pond thread, I go there also its very peaceful , plus inspiring like the thankful thread…

    Namaste Ramonita

    I hope you like this picture i'm going to post, i have been practising sending out light, i have the pink an white light now i'm moving on to purple..

    this is also for you amantin...

    hugs sheila

  • shatz,

    wow all those pictures you sent in are truly inspiring, wow, they are truly delightful to the eyes,

    the joke you sent was truly great, i loved the one about in the sixty they took acid to make the world weird, now they take prozac to make it normal. i had me a good laugh, now let me tell you about this house, i would happily give you about eighthundred square feet of it , so you would have room to move around, it is two thousand eighthundred feet, it has three big bedrooms, one quest dining room and one guest living room, plus the family and dinning and living room three baths, i want to cut it, the boys do help me, but it takes a lot of time, between this and that, when you come to see it is time to go to bed, it is not my house it is my sons house, three boys and this big baby, one is fourty, one sixteen and one eleven, life is funny this house would have been the house of my dream when i was young, now it is like , forget it is too big, i put the boys to help, for one reason times have change, it is no longer, the woman staysd home and does the house work, nowadays both have to work and come home and share, and men have to be taught since a early age, i am so happy your sag, brought you those things, apparently he is very observation, he has observe krista and he know what she likes, shatz when you watching a movie at home do you do what i do? i get sso comfortable that i lay down, and in a little while i am off to dream land, never finish a movie at home, it is beautiful that you come from a family of twelve, what i always miss, i was the only child my mother had me because she was force to lay down during her pregancy, and i still came out early, seven months pregancy, she decided she wanted to go to the park, so i was born, if it had been other conditions, i wonder how many she would have had, i love large families, when you take photos of everyone together as the years go passing right now i have to close the computer, my daughter in law just show up, i will talk to you tommorrow, god bless you, and krista,

    blessings, light,






  • It was my big brother who did this for mw, i know i was all over the place sorry Ramonita...My brain gets going to fast and i can't type as fast as i would like....hehehe

    My big brother who I have tremendous respect for, went away this weekend, he asked if I could go to his place and straighten up a bit.. He has everything in order and very clean. Just like my sag,...I said of course, he only trusts me...hehe. So I got there, and what a sweet heart he bought Krista a week supplies of snacks, plus food that she likes, I don't know how he knew but he did

    I came home with four bags of food that he shopped for us the night he left...Plus he left me some money which I know he doesn’t have.,. However, we are a like that way. I come from a family of twelve, one sister and one brother passed away. My brother is the only one that has really stood by me since Krista’s daddy passed away my ,partner then…It will be 4 years in November. That’s another story. HE WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT…

    Wow, sounds like a beautiful home, I wouldn't want to do the boys bathrooms lol...when my son corey was a little one, i swear that boy never hit the toilet he was too busy singing and talking to him self haha..

    Oh yes, when its TV time only when sag is here or i promise krista to watch a show with her, its good night sheila...A good sleeping pill for me.Once a fell asleep a a movie

    My sons were also trained at a very young age to clean up after themselves, i was a women with a case of OCD...They were ironing thier clothes at 7.....Now for little Angel girl of mine a Pisces that flys to every room and marks her terratory rrrr he will not even reach over and grab a remote that is inches from her hahaha...I think having another baby so late in life and her being a girl...She has been spoiled, but I am taking the crown back hehe.I have tried allowance, taking privelages away and nothing not nothing seems to affect her...Shes a stubborn one that is for sure..But she has a beautiful spirit and a genrous heart...

    namaste' to you my friend...i have been busy posting all day.Taking the weekend off set me back a 100 pages..

  • sorry for the spelling mistakes i didn't want to sign off without posting to you...

    Peace and love

    this is also for you amantin

  • shatz,

    tonight i am very confused, simply did not know where to start at , so i decided to start by chatting with you, i have been taking quite slow, reading on the healing codes , but they do not explain how to do it, and the packages is quite expensive, so i am going to set my mind, just to heal my body completely, they say the brain has the power, it is beautiful your brother did that for you, but in my heart i know that you deserve that and more, for you are a beautiful soul, i will always feeli miss something in life, since i dont have brothers and sisters, i made it up with friends though, different stages in my life, i have had different best friends, i have one i have not seen her since she got married, when she got married and i decided to space my self from her, at the time i was sixteen, yes we would talk when we encounter, but i would not visit her, and she never came over to my parents home, then i got married and moved away and never seen her again, even though i carried that memory in my heart, this came up to my memory reading love, season posted by you, and it is so true, you have nothing to apolize for, we tend tto make mistakes trying to use these computers quickly like i am doing right now, right now i have my labtop on my grandsons desk, i keep moving it around to whereever it is convient, i wanted to ask you not to long ago you told me, you were writing me from your carport, i know canada is cold, where do you move it to in the winter, i would love to see canada in the summer time, i hope earl weakens and does not cause any damage nowhere, i only saw one hurricane and thats when i was living in puerto rico, it was sept 1989, and that was horrible, no water, no electric power for about a week, and more painful, homes lost, crops, , i just pray to god, that nature, becomes merciful, your son corey sounds like he was a very happy child, and i can imagine, he is still happy after all he is your son, and the only thing you dislike is misery, thats why you are so busy spreading happiness,

    i will talk to you tommorrow if god is willing,

    thank you for the beautiful candle,

    i want to feel its light vibrating good energy througn out my house, and at the same time, i want to ask the universe, to send you a universe feel of good energy, to heal you completely, and you can continue to live pain free,

    hugs, light, blessings,


  • for your little angel, thats stuborn, if you can when she does what she has to do reward, it can be a simple thing like a hug, telling her how great she is, and when you can give her something special, words that i found that have a profund effect on kids, is telling them when the do something out of the ordinary is how proud you made me feel.

    sometimes, i tell my oldest grandson, oh how wonderful you are, i can work better with him, and i find that works because he doesnot get himself into any trouble, and helps, becauswe grandma believes he is wonderfull.

    if you read back on what i am thankful for, you will read about why my son has full custody of his kids, he cooperates, and hes a good kids and i am proud of him.

    i close now,


  • Thanks Ramonita for opening the door some more, we are learning allot about each other..I look forward to my chats with you...You are a very proud mother and Gran mother an it shows through your writing...I have learned allot from you.o you know that...I just thought I would let you know...

    You still seem somewhat down though, are you feeling any better or do you hide it like me...I wonder that sometimes...I have been learning about healing also, I close my eyes now and I can see whit,pink an now I'm on purple.Its hard to concentrate for a long period of time, but I'm proud of myself, I used to hate to close my eyes I was scared because my mind wouldn't shut own, but i have come along way and I still have a long way to go.I've been told that my daughter is going to be a great healer, she has so much love an sensitivity in her...She is very mature for her age, she knows things in life that I can't understand how a 10 year old could understand an talk to me like shes been hear before.I really new something was extra special about her when she was born...She used to automatically pick up things that toddlers to without me teaching her.She has started to put her little beautiful hands on my back trying to heal me so i can be free of pain, I am in awe of her spirituality at such a young age...

    I have taught her at a age where she could understand that its not necessarily a religion,we have, its about loving everyone, we all have problems in our lives, we hurt,we bleed, we cry as long as she remembers its all about love then I know i have taught her a priceless gift..Does that make sense? I'm really trying to slow my brain own and to take the time with my thoughts another huge step I want to learn hehe..As far as my outside office hehe...When it gets to cold I will sit on a chair in my living room.

    Ramonita, I send you spiritual hugs,light,peace,love and healing.



    amantin , I hope to see you on the boards soon...God be with you and your family.

  • I see that my keys are still sticking sorry Ramonita

  • your daughter is a old soul, my eldest is the one that got me into this, she knows more about this than i do, and she never read anything about it. when she was young about eleven i used to get a lot of mail she would tell me i had alot of checks, i always used to have plenty of money a that time, when i read the secret, luckily i was sitting down. i flip, now i go back to bed, i went to bed because i tell my grandkids the importance of getting a good rest, so the little one decides to tell me the same thing today so i went to bed, now they are sleeping, but we need sleep it is so important for our health, what i can stick to is drinking plenty of water, well, what can i do

    good night shatz,

    may the heavenly angels watch over you and krista


  • Thats another thing i forget to tell you.I went to the library to go see what was going on with my Book the Secret and it was still not available, they are going to bring it in from a different library...I can't wait to read it...Thats pretty special about your daughter also.

    Good night Ramonita

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