Many Thank You's 2 Many Beautiful People

  • Hi Ramonita, If you go to my post for Lila i think it says lila if you still need hep...I have been teaching her to the best of my knowledge how to copy and paste and upload photos, It might help you....

    This is for you and amantin

  • Hi Ramonita me again haha

    I got that one from Healingways posts i just click on the picture and then save them in a folder, now its tour turn lol...

    Sending you

    lots of light,love and laughter


  • thank you so much shatz,, the angels are beautiful, lets share them with the rest of the world so many people are in need of them right now i just finish reading two post in the crying and weeping club, two very heartbreaking stories, two women who have lost thier homes, my heart goes out to them, that is a very sad situation, i wish i could sit down and talk with all, i feel for them because this can happen to anyone today, with the way the economy is going, it hurts, after so much hard work, lose what is your shelter, not knowing where your tommorrow is coming from, rising phoenix who also is a beautiful soul has also come to foreclose her home,

    when are things going to change is what i keep asking myself, somepersons have sacrifice thier lives and time getting a high education, and still even professional have lost it all.

    i for one in the past worked with homeless persons who had mental problems, and it is like feeling it in my own skin.

    may god guide this world, help us all, for a better future,

    spirtual hugs, and blessings to all!

  • I had a post to your post and it has dissapeared, lol...I understand what your saying,,,Its scarry for me because i am just learning about the why's of people that i can feel thier pain...I just have to make peace with it and try not to let it control my thoughts and my heart...

    yes blessings to all.

    Hugs to you Ramonita...

    And may amantin feel the power of healing and Prayers that are coming her way...

  • shatz,

    thank you always for the beautiful angel, i feel thier power over me, thanks again

    shatz you just have overloaded me with work, first the princefella ball, where queen charming,

    picks her prince,

    then the halloween party,

    then the christmas party,

    now lets not forget this wonderful assignment, making a fairy made waterfall inside the roman

    where the water comes down and all the queens and princess, go under the fall, and they are all blessed eternally,

    but this is a joy to share with you, not only a joy it is a whole bunch of fun,

    now lets do this.

    i had not been to the forums today, i went out with my daughter inlaw, just to see whats in the stores and eat out, i love eating out, and going out, i needed that break.

    i hope you had a wonderful day, with your daughter,

    tommorrow school starts here, back to normal, anyway what is normal?

    got any ideas for the holloween party, your good, i am sure you can come up with some hair raising pictures to thrill us all

    good night and god bless you and your little girl.

    hugs ramonita!

  • Thank you for that Ramonita, Its been a tough couple of pain days, i try and keep the focus off the pain and go to the threads that are peaceful and spiritual for me...Unless someone cries out.hehe

    Today was one of those days, my head is spinning, I did get to see my youngest son today though and that always makes mama smile hes 23...He took his little sister out for school supplies and two outfits, Bless him he only has so much money to live on...Then I feel guilty that I can't do that for his little sister...But bless her heart she knows mama does the best she can..She said to me this morning if they have a tarot board anonymous hahahaha...

    I got too watch both my kids singing a rap song and gigling that was so sweet...Krista my daughter always gets mad when I talk to my sons because then she can't spend time with them...Its really hard because i like to know whats going on in thier life and i miss them too.So it was nice for them to go out together without me.I told her she has me all the time and maybe her brothers want to spend time with me

    School starts here on September 7th, Krista is going into grade 5 thats a big year...

    Plus its going to be a new school, she'll be okay though shes a gabber like her mama..

    Bless you to Ram hehe charmonita

    I'll talk to you very soon

    I still have not got the secret i'm going to check with the library again tommorow...


  • Dear amantin,I really hope and pray you are okay sweetie...

  • Shelia remember how you learned to separate your self but still share common it got you your 10 years its like that two we can share the pain of others to lighten the load so they can make it and having someone who has been threw the same pain we can help them more than anyone because we know it first hand and Shelia God did not pick you because you could not handle it he picked you because you could and he will be there holding your hand as you go threw these times just like so many more own this forum we are here at this time for a reason and a job the abundance you have received is not money are fame it is compassion ,understanding and awareness of the pain and suffering this world is going threw and the ones who are lost you are like the officer directing traffic keeping it flowing with love and compassion and when you see one struggling to cross the street you reach down and say let me help you with that till you get across so don't ever think you don't matter you have seen traffic jams what happens confusion and every thing comes to a stand still and Honey God did not bring you this far to drop you now so wipe them tears from them blue eyes and pick up you sign so things don't get in a jam LOVE YA Tooter

  • Where do you all find them pictures they are so pretty and neat ?

  • Hey tooter, the pics i get from people here and then type in google for angel pics...Tooter my eyes are hazel, always wanted blue eyes though heheheheheh, but then again sometimes i am blue...

    thanks for the mesage tooter, You have brought a different Del with you on your time off..

    Hugs and thanks

  • You know Shelia every time i think of you or writing i see you with blond hair sandy blond about 3inches past you shoulder with light blue eyes oh and straight hair when i seen your picture you looked just like i seen you but you had blue eyes dont ask me why but that is what i still see i call it like i see it hell you wanted blue eyes anyway LOL I am going to bed LOVE YA TOOTER

  • OH and you are a very pretty women yourself young Lady

  • shatz,

    today i am having the same problem i had yesterday everytinme i sit down at the computer, something shows up, and i have to stop and give it my undividide attention. i think that is so sweet of your daughter krista to want to spend time with her brother, i bet they see her as thier little human doll, and it is good for her, because you told me her daddy died , and she need a male figure in her life, what better than her big brothers, and it is so cute, how kids, are, but it is good that you explain things to her, up in canada the school year start like in new york, in puerto rico they start one month earlier, and end in late may, here in florida, school ends the first week of june. my two grandsons whom i am raising have a half brother by thier mothers side, they want to meet and know him, i believe the little boy is about seven years old now, that one is bieng raised by the grandmother on the mothers side. i hope that someday we know about amantin, i will continue praying for here, always thank you for the beautiful angels, and prayers,

    i will see you soon in some of the other forums, i wish you a good night, god bless you



  • Thanks charmanita, it's nice here, its like a unknown place to send the spirtual vibes without rushing around making sure i have read all the posts...I always end up here at the end of the night..

    I was really thinking about amantin,I hope and pray she is okay..Its funny none of us know each other in our lives..But certain People stick with you like you ramonita 🙂 I'm going to say goodnight,my Sag man is coming over tonight, awee to be pampered...

  • shatz,

    love that bear hug, i am happy that your sag man was with you yesterday and he help you clean your daughter room, sounds like i good man, may god bless this relationship, i havenot gotten involve with anyone in years, i had a good relationship, and he was a good person, i really am afraid of getting involve emotionally at my age, and getting hurt, i should not be negative, but it is the things i see and the things i read, their are so many relationships out there that alot of good woman come out hurt. i was not going to come to the forums today i woke up feeling depressed, i have no reason to feel this way, but sometimes it happens, i have to go over what i am thankful and make some notes and also read alot of the post, now what was this about a mice, oh my god, their so small, and how they make us shirk, i hope you do not find another one,

    i will leave you go for now, may you have a beautiful night,

    bless you , always,


    now i am going to tried to make my self laush!


  • shatz,

    sorry about the bad joke, well i had to rewrite it my way, i love that bear, i am learning how to paste and copy but it does give me a problem, i just feel down,, but i am happy everyone is happy. i have to reread alot of what poetic wrote today, she really got me working and believe me that is some valueable stuff, i am super happy that you feel pain free today. that is absolutely wonderful.

    talk to you later,

    hugs, ramonita

  • Aweeeeeee ramonita, if only you could see the love that pours out of you....You would be a blesing to any man...I'M SURE YOU KNOW THIS.:)


    May God put his loving arms around you tonight and always, maybe you need to pamper yourself,with some TLC. I get the feeling you are on the go 24/7 and since you have been back from holidays you have been on the go.... Listen to your words that you pour out with love to EVERYONE ELSE and say them to yourself...You have such a gift of love that spreads all around to each and every one of us...I am going to light a candle for you are always in my prayers...Ramonita


    Hugs,peace,light,love and laughter


  • I sit and type in what i call my office outside under my carport hehehe, if the mouse was inside I'de b sleeping here....hahaha

    don't worry about the joke hahah after you explained it i finally got

    hugs again


    amantin, sending you lots of healing light........



  • shatz,

    finally i can get to answer you, yes shatz my days are just crazy, i dont have time to think at times, the house is super big, three permant men in it, thats not counting my grandsons friends that drop by often, now school started, now it wont be as often, then my youngest son and his kids drop by often, all the cooking washing, cleaning, i sometimes say the maid needs a maid. i am so happy that you got a small electric dryer, drying clothers in the winter can be a problem. they freeze! thank you for your wish that i find someone to share the rest of my days, that is so sweet and says so much of you as a person. believe it or not, i never feel lonely, if it happens it happens because it is meant to be. yes, shatz we grow fond of those we get to meet here on the forums, i think it is that we can just let our thoughts flow, and our souls fly into the universe, right now, there are a few people who have stop, particapiting, the best we can do is pray that they are well, amantin, zepagain, wondering wonder, i dont know if you ever share post with lovingmylife and chris1962, i used to loved to read the advice they used to give, i would read thier post all the time.thank you for lighting the candle for me, which reminds me when i go to the store, i have to get a few, so i can do the moon wish list, shatz one question i have seen it before on other posts, namaste, what does it mean, is it a name,

    heres one for you, i could never figure it out,

    since you know some spanish,

    here it goes,

    my children father name was mark,

    my oldest son name is mark

    his oldest son name is mark,

    now my name spelled backwards in spanish,

    a ti no mar

    but if you add the k

    this is what you get,

    a ti no mark,

    but which one?

    then if you take the k away

    and you spell mark backwards,

    you still get a ram!

    now i am going to talk to my daughter, then get back to the forums, wanna have some fun!

    god bless you with a million beautiful wonderful things each day and each second of your life,



  • Ok now you have got me spinning haha...I forgot that I wrote comedian in Spanish haha...No,No, Monita? I do not know one word of spanish, I looked it up...:hehe!

    I noticed you and river having a conversation, I didn't know if you saw it or not.

    (I do not know those you have mentioned above)

    Namaste" could have a few meanings but in the end its the same thing."I bough to you with respect/honour..."

    i will write soon...

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