Many Thank You's 2 Many Beautiful People

  • Shatz, the feeling is mutual, you have made me laugh alot also, i have laughed so hard, that my stomach has hurted, but it is a wonderful feeling to laugh, i am happy that you came back from your camping trip, and are back with us.

    i believe i will have a great vacation, my daughter is the only girl i have, she isthe oldest and she is a sweetheart with me. she spoils, my two boys are younger than her, and she likes all these things to.

    thank you shatz,

    peace, blessings, love, and laughter, and to all may each day get brighter and brighter


  • (((((((((hugs))))))))) to everyone~ ramonita, CWB, shatz & all!

    I am extremely tired tonight. I just wanted to touch base before I headed off to bed. I do want to check on the other threads really quick.

    Sweet dreams all!

    God bless


  • sweets dreams to you amantin too, may the angels watch you, may they bless you,

    i am tired tool


    god bless you too


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  • ramonita -- I hope you had a good night's sleep. Rest (I have really found out more lately) is SO important and necessary.

    Here's some positive energy coming your way.........~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>>>

    Can you feel it? I sure sent it! 🙂 I'm overflowing. I thought I'd share.

    God bless


  • amantin.

    thank you for the positive energy..............................................................................................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>sending u some to so you can have a truly empowering day



  • amantin,

    i feel so bad, i have been very bad company lately, between the laugh club, the crying club and the thankful club doesnot mean i have forgotten about you, have you stop by the heels club, it is getting better every day. i lbelieve you are probably sleeping for me it is past my bed time.

    lets see what happens tommorrow maybe we can connect better.

    bllessings, love and light with alot of that super positive energy.


  • i would like to take this moment out to express my gratitude, when i first starting reading the forum there was a girl that keep mentioning the secret, i do not remember her name, at this moment i want to thank her from the bottom of my heart the book was very and is still very useful to me, thank you is not enought


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  • amantin,

    since i got my computer fix, i been looking thru the forums, i miss seeing your name,

    i am praying for you that all is super great for you in health and in all ways,

    to charming,

    i am so sorry you recently had to go thru a bad moment, i honestly can say for all those who dont thank you eternally for your dedication and the time you take to help others, i pray to the universe that you will be more bless with each passing day.


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  • ramonita charmanita, hehe, While you were on vacation, i was thinking of this thread..OMGOSH

    then Rominita appeared through my computer screen...The book you are talking about is the one i am waiting for in our library..I also watched the trailor of the movie Secret .I can't wait to get my hands on it..One of the readers here also told me about the book...

    Good to see you...

    Thank you again for all your compassion,funnies, love and uplifting messages sweetie:)

    Hugs to you


    Peace,light,love and Laughter

  • Me again Ram after reading your post to Amantim, i remembered she was doing some readings...Then her health took a slip...

    Amantim, Truly hope you are doing better, and taking care of yourself...are you still on Antibiotics? I have heard too many horror stories after Hysterectomies.. I trully hope this message finds you feeling better..

    Hugs,Peace,light and love


  • shatz,

    you are such a wonderful soul, thank you so much for letting me know about her condition, i also pray that she is doing better, and hope that soon she returns to let us know. may the universal angels heal her.

    i am happy you are getting the book the secret, in the book the secret you will find a chapter on health, dr. ben johnson, writes, he is the inventor of the health codes, i want to get them, these are messages you do to your self with your hands, i am willing to try anything when the conventional does not work or it causes sides effects, feeling healthy is so vital to feel happy,

    even though laughters does help alot,

    let me know what you think of it when you finish reading it,

    i truly hope and pray that all your pains go awayk so you will be able to enjoy your life to its fullest! i am sorry i wasnot able to get to you earlier, i had to run errands this morning, now i willl be grounded in side until friday,

    again shatz, i want to thank you for letting me know about amantin.

    enjoy your day, and may the universe fill you with blessings each second of each day!

    hugs ramonita!


  • amantin,

    sending you prayers, may the healing light be with you.

    blessings and light!

  • Hi Ramonita, together we will send out the healing messages to amantin, 🙂

    Here's a pic I copied from the enchanted pond thread, its from beautiful icearia...

    This is called, The Veiling of the Soul by Rassouli

    here I go hehe

  • Hugs to you Ramonita..


  • shatz,

    that was a beautiful healing light you sent to amantin, i wish i knew how to paste, so many good things we find. still no word from amantin, will continue to send her prayers, what ever is happening with the planets has me down, i just pray that it has not affect you or the others,

    tell me did you start the book the secret? how do you like it so far? about me i really have no reason to feel like this, everything is normal! i will get back to you soon.

    sending you blessings, light, love,

    hugs ramonita

  • Romanita, I do understand...Every where I'm reading today, not only here but my other webs, it seems to be affecting allot of people...I'm finally coming out of mine..I hope for the same for you sweetie..So I will send you the most beautiful light as i light my candle to send you some peace...You my dear cyber Friend are entitled to be off :)hehe

    here is something i posted on one of your threads today what are you thankful for...

    I am thankful for you my beatuiful soul...

    heres the link.

    Peace,Light,Love,Blesings and may you never forget laughter...

    A big Cyber hug to you.


    amantin,May God and his Angels wrap thier loving arms around you, so you can begin to heal...You are missed sweetie...

    hugs sheila

    heres the link, that came into my email box this morning, bring the tissues out because i needed them.

    This is STAND BY ME like you've never heard it! This video was done by 5 sound engineers

    who went around the world recording individuals performing this song. They then blended

    them together into one song and video, which is wonderful. Click on the link below.

    (The first guy shown is at the 3rd St. Promenade, in Santa Monica .)

  • shatz, again thank you for the video, right now i am waiting for my oldest grandson to return home, i have to make him so poltridge, he is like a baby now, do you think you can lend me some depends for him, he had the first part of the braces work down tuesday, and his mouth is hurting a awful lot, he can only eat soft, foods, for now about one month, i tease him about the baby stuff, answer i got, leaving up to you grandma, it is posible you just may get me to wear depends, can i get some baby food too?

    thank you shatz, for everything, i just pray for everyone to be well, i would to see everyone happy.

    may you and your family, be doing great, i bet you are still missing your boys, unfortunately we always see them as baibies,

    i think it is because that newborn image in our minds is just so precious!

    goodnight shatz,

    blessings and light,



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