• My best friend wants to run away.AND she wants me to come with her.Trust me,shes dead serious.I don't even know how my life got all dramatic like this.-.- I don't want her to do any of this.I can't believe shes being so stupid.Im so stressed out right now though.I really don't want to hear things like "I hate you" from her.Shes completely twisting the tables.Shes bringing my other friend Brianna into this.: I have no idea how that happened.But someone please help me before I commit suicide.._. By the way,her name is Carolyn.Shes a Gemini/Cancer cusp(June 20,1998).Im a Gemini,May 27(1997).And Brianna is a Scoprio/Saggitaruius cusp(November 21,1998) Please,help me..Give me a reading,some advice,tell me what the spirits are saying..anything!This is so complicating.I honestly don't know what to do.Heres the facebook messages we've been sending to each other,we're bffs in real life,but since schools over,we use facebook to talk and stuff.Im going to copy and paste starting from the very beginning.Im sorry if its long.Even her plan is idiotic.-.- Im not Asian like her,and nor do I look that way from any angle.

    Carolyn:if we run awai, dont say anythin on facebook, police can track u down by hackin u n seein wat u done recentely

    im gonna ask u this one more time, r u sure?

    ull be leavin ur family, no more electronics, no more brand name, no more good shelter

    in traid of freedom, n if u say yes, i promise u that i will not hesitat to fight for our fredom, when we step foot outa that house, theres no goin back, n when we r outa that house, i am no longer carolyn ur friend, we r sisters born in china, we do not speek well chinese because we r ophans n i was only 3 n u were only 4, a nice old lady took us in n brought us to viet nam, we thought she was our grandma untill she died, she told us the truth when i turned 8 n u were 9, we were then brought to canada, our foster parents got mad one dai cuz i got in trouble in school n they threw us out, we ran n ran, i was 11 n u were 12, guess wat sister its been a full year............

    will u come with me? or do u chose to stay as batool the indian with a brother n parents n cant have a boifriend, some1 with less freedom

    decid wisely, this reflects on ur whole lyf, n this is just a freeze tag game, guess what, they havent caught us yet

    i hope u have courage to come with me, ur parents will soon understand that they shoulda been happy with u at all

    remember this: u were given to them so they could cherrish u n take care of u, not control u n mold u into wat they want, u decid wat happens next, definetely not them

    Me:Awww Carrie.

    I wasn't actually so serious about this,I was taking it as a joke.

    But now I realize how serious you actually are about this,so Im gonna think about it wisely.But I mean..are you sure its what YOU wanna do too?I mean,you have such a loving family.Are you sure you wanna throw it all away over some stupid decision you made?:

    Carolyn:belieave me, u kno nothin about my family, ok

    n i am serious, compared to my years of understandin, leavin isnt like leavin somethin, its more like gettin a heavy load off ur back, trust me, ill like happily as a miny ninja in the creek.

    n trust me, i wanna leave sooooo badely, n u gave me courage, so i wished i had company, but leavin on my own is pracyicaly decided

    Carolyn..Again:truthfuly, i was really afended u never take me seriousely n i wish we could spend more time together, lucky u, u already have brianna, n i stayed up all night researchin, but i guess i was so stupid for thinkin u were serious, im a stupid useless girl, ur u were kiddin y didnt u say so in the first place, it woulda saved alota hurt feelins, so u kno wat? i hate u, y am i always nice to a person like u? i hate u, u only care about briannas hurt feelins, u only came to me when u hurt me enough to make me cry, but thats not worth brianna right? its always her first, i dont care anymore, u really had to wait till i cryed did u? i hate u, u can never take me seriousely, just cuz u call me wise duznt mean i have all the solutions to problems, i needta cry if im really hurt, im a person too. yet, u care more about brianna when shes SAD, guess what, i hate lookin at ur sorry face when u feel bad, u did it, u shoulda thought first, before u repet the same thing over n over again, u say u dont pick sides yet, its only brianna who u enjoy comfortin, make it fare, cuz i hate u

    i hate

    i hate u

    i hate u

    i hate u

    i hate u

    Me:Relax Carrie.:

    All I did was go to the mall with Brianna,lol.Thats all I did.Nothing more.If you want,I can go with you too as long as one of your parents come along.Cause my mom won't lemme go alone if theres no parent.D: I researched too.It said things like "Approximetly 87% of the kids who run away end up dying" Sometimes they get kidnapped,sometimes raped,and sometimes they die of starvation.Most of the times,the police find them.And because the parents will be so ashamed,they turn it into an honour killing.If that happens to me..I don't know what I'll do.But I honestly don't want it happening to you.You're one of the most amazing people I've ever met.I can't let those things happen to you.Why do you want to ruin your future?You have your whole life ahead of you.: Carrie,we're young.We can be wreckless,make decisions that we'll regret,and we need our parents to guide us through these kinds of things.But I mean,if you're serious about running away..Then take me seriously too,I actually am considering it.Its not like I don't take you seriously.Its just that..I mean...Whats gonna happen to us after we run away?A sex offender will find us and rape us?And what are we gonna do for a living?I don't know many jobs that hire 12 and 13 year olds.Lets see,theres prostitution,stripping,etc.And let me tell you,I don't want thongs kinds of jobs for ANY of us.As much as I want to do this too...Its hard.Considering our future.Look,I know you've been through a lot.And trust me,if there was any other way I could make those wounds go away,I would.But not by running away.We'll be leaving so much behind Carolyn.And its gonna be scary in the dark.Especially when it rains.I know how you feel though..Who are they to decide our future?But I this the kind of future you want for yourself?After all I've told you...I want you to decide.And whatever your decision may be,Im taking it seriously,and Im gonna be proud of it.But I really want you to think things over.

    Things I'd like to point out:

    I don't know how the hell I gave her courage.-.-

    I have no idea how Brianna got into all this.

    Ive always been very good friends with both of them,even though they hated each other.Ive always done my best trying to be spending time with them equally,if I was ever unfair..I swear on my life,it was NEVER ever purposely.Her plan is stupid.Im not Asian,she is.._. I never ever suggested running way to her.She got on,and started complaing about her life..Then its all "Lets run away togetherrr...<3 Mii bfff" and shit..And I honestly thought it was a joke..So Im all like.."Alright.<3" and stuff...God..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out.I hate it when she does things like these.Now even Im considering joining her.But I mean..I just can't hear things like "I hate you" from someone like her...Shes always been my best friend,I love her to death...Those three words honestly hurt like hell. Please help.

  • Sounds to me that you are looking at this realistically. You know what could happen to a child like you on the streets. I know you probably won't want to hear this...but you need to go to your parents and tell them what is going on. It sounds to me like your friend is crying out for help and attention and maybe if your parents approach her parents, you will have a better chance at getting her some help. It also sounds like she is manipulating you into a situation that you don't want to be in. Stand up for yourself. Someone that is encouraging you to place yourself in danger is not a friend. Good luck...seriously think about talking to your parents.

  • Honey - dont' do it... I did it when I was 14 and I ended up having a living H E L L for over 10 years due to the things I had to do to survive.. And no i didn't end up a hooker and I am alive and have survived the drama that it was... YOu have to deal with seedy people and you are forced to do things you would never normally do and that changes a person...

    Go to your parents, friends anyone who will listen.... Good luck!!

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  • This post is deleted!

  • no problem at all queenkath!! Glad someone else is agreeing on this one 🙂

  • She doesn't truly mean 'I hate you", it is how she expresses it, but truly what she's trying to say to you is things like ...I'm hurting, I'm scared, I don't know how to gain control of my life, I'm misunderstood, Help me... When it's tough to express the emotions then we just make it come out wrong with "I hate you", but look deeper to see that she doesn't truly mean it that way.

    As far as running away, I think you already know what your insides are telling you, that it is too dangerous out there and it is a very dangerous world.

    Listen to that signal internally,

    it's already telling you to stay safe, stay home.

    Is there any adult that you think is trustworthy to include in this and talk to? Maybe a teacher that you and her like, trust or a grandmother, Aunt, any of the parents? Please think of someone close enough to turn to with these big choices and ask them to help you figure out something that can work to comfort your friend's anxieties and stresses.

    And lastly, please value your life.

    Any life is valuable, but just reading your words I can see that you're a special type of person with a healing ability and an abundance of empathy. Resist suicidal thoughts and nurture your inner light, because it's a strong part of you shining through your words to us.

    I'll say a prayer for you and your friends tonight, that there will be comfort and peace.

  • Thank you guys.So much.All of you.I finally had the courage to tell her this...

    "No.Carolyn.Im not doing it.You know what?Im not.I want to have a future.I want to go to school,I want to get into Oxford,I want to become a surgeon,I want to make my parents proud,I want to take care of my family when I grow up,I want to get married,I want to have kids,I want to be able to do those things in my life.Im sorry.Im really,really sorry.But thats the kind of future I want for myself.All you're thinking about right now is your freedom.Don't worry.I'll come.Trust me.It will.But you have to wait for it.You're being so not...practical right now.I never expected things like this from you.I have always been proud of you.I have always supported you.I have always tried to take care of you and think of you as my little sister.This is what you're giving me in return?Why?All I can say is why.What did I do to deserve this?What did your parents do to deserve this?Im not going to judge you.Do what you want to.Its your life.But Im sorry.Don't expect me to just stand there and watch you make all these wrong choices.Cause I will do something about it.Even if I have to tell other people about this.Im sorry.Im really,really,really sorry.Im not going to let anything happen to you.I will protect you.Even if it means you'll be hating me for as long as you live."

    I guess she calmed down a bit after that message.But she still hasn't completely forgot about that subject.She brings it up at least...10 times a day.But still.Shes trying to think more practically.

    Thank you all so much for help me out.I appreciate every single bit of it.(:

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  • You go girl....I and everyone else here are very proud of you. You did the right thing and I think you have a very good bright future ahead of you. Trust your instincts....ask for help when you need it and believe in yourself. You will go far and be everything you dream of being. Blessings and Love...

  • Good luck Cottontail, I got thrown out by my parents at 17....well Dad said I was upsetting my mum by how I was behaving so get out, I did, but they went looking for me after I left, and the boyfriend I had at the time got all the flack from Dad when he found me, when he didn't deserve it because he'd been looking after me and keeping me out of trouble even though I didn't realise it at the time, I'm 52 and married with a son myself now, and still sometimes look back and wonder how come I'd been so stupid then and wonder how my life might have turned out, and knowing I've not achieved what I could have can be quite hard too

    Love and Light

    Blessed be

  • You have shown the most love for a friend then I have seen in a very long time, because ultimately, you did make the true loving choice for her, yourself and your families.

    It's very wonderful to wake up and read this.

    Keep that spirit of yours strong, it's a beautiful light.

  • After reading your missives,i heartily agree with everyone here.Cottontail,you will go far in this life.

  • Smart girl Cotton! In your lifetime you will meet many friends don't ever do anything that does not agree with your intuition and do not sell your soul to the devil to fit in, even if it hurts. Good for you! Don't be intimidated by anyone, it's not easy to have 3 girlfriends one will always feel left out. Good luck!

  • Cottontail,

    you handled this very well and GOOD FOR YOU for keeping your goals in mind. You are a strong one and I'm proud of you, you should be very proud of yourself. The fact that ou have a strong direction already is admirable. Keep praying for your friend, it sounds like she's going to need it. Hugs

  • Yay I too am sooo very proud of you Cottontail!! You showed your friend you love her and are there for her but you will protect her at the same time - I am very impressed with such wise words coming from you 🙂

    Glad to hear you are getting back on track - remember there are always people who will help you no matter what situation you are in 🙂 Good luck to you both!

  • Thank you all so much!

    All this support Im getting from you all..It was really unexpected.:P

    Im feeling so happy now.^_^ All of your kind words,have truely made me realize that there always are people out there willing to help.(: When I first posted all of this,I really thought no one would care.After all,they're not my friends or anything.But the kind of caring response I got from everyone,it really made me see what kind of a world Im living in.A world where you don't need to know someone,just to recieve such encouragment and kind words.[:

    Thank you all so much.Im very proud of the decision I made.But I wouldn't of been able to do it without the help of you guys.Even saying the word "Thank you" doesn't seem enough at this point.You all should get something far more greater in return.But still,thank you.(: If theres another way you all would like me to express my "Thank you's" Please let me know.:P

  • I think I can speak for all of us cottontail,you are staying home and you are a very wise, that is the best thank you, you can give all of us.

    Sending you many Angels

    Hugs sheila xxx

    from vancouver Canada

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