In dreams keep getting dates, phone numbers & numbers that break down to 2?!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum, so I hope this is ok to post here. I read through the rules and it seemed ok. Anyway, the last 3 dreams in the last weekend and a half have all featured either dates, number combinations or phone numbers that all broke down to the number two. All the dreams were also about this guy I'm dating who I feel could be my soulmate but right now things are a pretty rocky and challenging for us and we don't get to spend much time together.

    Anyway, a few more details. In the first dream, he sent me an e-mail saying let's move our date till 08/01/2009, which when I added it up (8+1+2+9) was 20 which when added together breaks down to 2. Also in this dream I woke up feeling like 4, 8 and H were all important but I couldn't remember how. H = 8 and 4+8+8 = 20 which when added together breaks down to 2.

    In the next dream I visited a friend to talk about how rocky things are with this guy I feel really connected to. And she said things would get better in 6 weeks. When I woke up I counted 6 weeks from the date of the dream and that was 03/06/2009 which when the I added it together (3+6+2+9) equals 20 which again equals 2.

    And then last night I had a dream where I told my guy what I needed out of our relationship over the phone. He hung up, I called him back and got a travel agency, so I looked up his phone number and it had changed to 206-13359. I called that number and got his voicemail. Then I ran into him at the bus the next day going to work and then woke up. When I added 2+6+1+3+3+5+9 together I got 29 which when added together broke down to 11 which when added together (1+1) broke down to 2. Again a 2 in a dream about this guy!! Too weird.

    Would love any ideas or interpretations on what the number 2 means in the dreams and why I keep getting that number in regards to him. Thanks for the help!! It's really driving me bonkers as to why I keep getting things that break down to 2 in dreams about him.

    P.S. Don't know if it matters but both of our birthdays break down to 9 and the day we met breaks down to 22. Thanks again for all the help!

  • Hi, I've read that the number 2 is associated w/mediating, listening. The shape of the number two is associated w/a person praying. One being the entity after 0. It's a good number to associate w/a relationship. Get on the internet and look up the meaning of the number 2. Maybe there needs to be more give and take or you all will need to sit and talk.

  • Well, from what I understand of numerology, the number two is associated with bringing together two separate entiites into one. Basically it is usually about relationships and communication. The process of two individuals trying to find some unity with one another.

    Often it siginifies a lack of understanding of the 'sensitivities' of others. From the Tree of Life (which mimics numerology) it is the process of moving from the first position, which is the untiy of an individual, into a state of change. Where the single cell divides itself in two. (Thereby creating opposing forces.)

    The twos include the idea of balance, harmony, and choice. They represent a quest for equilibrium.

    Essentially in relationships it refers to learning to understand each other so that you can better combine as 'one'.

  • I agree with the other replies in relation to the numbers and their layers of meanings - following that, I would like to throw out the possibility that you're having doubts about the relationship, even tho you believe that you and he might be soul mates.

    Perhaps your higher self is mediating with you through your dreams to take a look at something specific - like, can he be counted on when you express your deepest fears about the relationship (i.e., ending it) - instead of discussion or fighting to keep the relationship, he hung up. When you tried to reach him back - you got a wrong number - and a travel agency to boot! These details are as important to consider as the numbers are.

    Since 8 is also a recurring number for you (you dreamed it had significance, there are 8 numbers in the telephone number, 6 weeks +2 = 😎 - I would say this dream is also about balance - or an imbalance that you're trying to understand.

    Kudos to you for looking inward, striving to find the balance to see where you're being guided.

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