Hey, Captain - I still owe you one!

  • Captain:

    I see you posting this evening. Care for that reading I owe you?


  • Wow, I just got some instant healing from reading your post. It's amazing how just a kind thought can be full of therapeutic vibes.

    OK what do you need?

  • I just need to know what you would like a reading on...I'll be using my new favorite deck - Shadowscapes.

  • Just a general reading, please. I'll take whatver message comes as being what I need to hear. Thanks! 🙂 And I'm still receiving that healing.

  • Yay! Three cheers for youTruSpirit! Sorry to jump in but this post made me so happy. 🙂 It's great to see a reading offered to the Captain after all she gives to us on these forums.


  • Captain:

    I read a daily message email today that stated a person should use their favorite number ALOT, since it has positive energy attached to it. Since you wanted a general reading, I thought I would use my favorite number, 6, as the number of cards to pull. As I was shuffling I thought about 6 being 3+3. That lead to 2 triangles, one right side up on its base and the other inverted. As you most likely are aware, these triangles symbolize male/female, yin/yang, active/passive energies. That's how I decideded to spread the cards.

    I started with the male/active triangle.

    Card #1: Page of Cups: The pages are messengers, and cups symbolize emotion. On this card, the page is a mermaid holding a bowl of steaming water. I know this sounds funny, but she looks like she is serving a bowl of soup. So what I see is symbolic of you and the readings you do for others. (spiritual nourishment?)

    Card #2: The Tower: Sudden and unexpected change. I wonder if you are the tower or the lightning? I think more likely you are the lightning that brings that change, the clearing, the ideas others need to facilitate change in their lives. However, this card may also point to a need to change your way of doing things - perhaps you are on the verge of burnout, and if you don't change, Spirit will do it for you. I say that based on card 3.

    Card #3: Four of Cups: You're tired. You need rest and relaxation. More importantly, you need RESToration. I'm sure you are familiar with the healing power of water...go find some to be in or near.

    On the female/passive triangle.

    Card #4: Six of Cups: There is a little girl having a tea party with her stuffed animal friends in the forest on this card. On top of the sharing and service that is associated with 6, there is a feeling of nostalgia and sweetness about the image. Such innocence and good intentions.

    Card #5: King of Swords: This King is wise, not afraid to do what is necessary for the good of his kingdom, even if that action may appear dark/unpopular.

    Card #6: Queen of Cups: The image on the card is of a queen with arms outstretched walking a path using sea turtles as stepping stones. I see this as you connecting to the universe through your gifts of feeling, while accessing a foundation of ancient wisdom. (Might you be a Pisces?)

    LOTS of cups in this spread!

    I hope that was helpful. Feedback will be greatly appreciated. (But I'm off to bed now...have lots of human things to contend with tomorrow.)


  • How interesting! I am in a 6 personal year at the moment and my lifepath is number 33. And I am a Taurus sunsign (I think that is the King of Swords) with a Pisces Moon, which I like because it makes me a practical dreamer. :).

    Yes, I do get tired and know I must take enough rest but there are so many people here asking for help and so few readers. Yes, water is always reviving for me - both through swimming in it and taking showers. I do think that the Tower is coming for me soon - in a good way. And I love being the mermaid with the hot soup.

    These are lovely cards and this reading that makes me feel I am on the right track.

    Thank you!!!!

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