History repeating itself, anyone have any ideas why? Stars or Karma?

  • I have been studying astrology for many years, originally started by my mother. I have found that given accurate birth time information, I have never fiound it to be wrong in defining somebody's character & try to obtain the information in any new relationship of whatever type, so I 'm not blind, so to speak in dealing with their sensitive issues! I'm an Aquarian, but with Leo ascendent, Moon in Scorpio & mercury in Capricorn, so you could say I have a multi-faceted personality!!! My 1st husband was a Cancer sun/Aries ascendent combo, which was a disaster! Definitely not the fatherly, nurturing Cancerian male you read about! I have always been surrounded by Scorpio's, first my mother, but with a Sagittarius ascendent, then a long time close female friend, but she has a Libra ascendent, then my 2nd husband, a Scorpio sun/ Capricorn ascendent & Cancer sisters-in-law. then into my life a few years ago, walked another Cancer/Aries male who appears to be completely opposite from my 1st husband, & feels very strongly for me, altho' I am very doubtful about this relationship. A Scorpio male with ascendent Sag again mlted my bones a couple of years back, but was not a good idea! Then finally a man that I nearly married 30 years ago, contacted me recently out of the blue, but he's a Libra sun / Virgo ascendent combo & we were great together, but circumstances pulled us apart before. Normally despite being an Aquarian, I don't particularly like Libra or Gemini men, despite the fact they're supposed to be my affinities & although i have loved (& maybe lost) water signs, I find them often too much the best or the worst of people who can change their moods so fast it makes my head spin!! Anyone got any ideas as why I seem to have on ly certain signs in my life & anyone any advice for me on how to deal with them!

  • well interesting that i found this post..i am going thru a very similar phase in my life or noticing the 'archetypes' as i ve called them of certain signs or people that come into my life..for me its an abnormal amount of pisces. esp women, ..leos especially men, and a scorpios and well also a few aquarians..ti all has to do with soul groups and reincrnation ..or i feel this way at least..i m still tryin to process my whole 'movie' or theme of life as it goes..currently i ran into a past life 'soul mate' or karmic mate that has thrown me so far off my 'material realm' im not sure waht the heck happend or is going on...inow in terms of my signs it makes sense why i ran into people of this nature..im a taurus sun , moon in cancer, rising sign aquarius with jupiter scorp and mercury taurus, so i am tryin to use astrology to study why i have these patterns of 'relationships with pisces or scorpio..why i m best friends and constant arguements with my leo brothers etc etc..its all intriguing..id suggest lookin a bit into those persons charts and the moon's node's ..saturn placements and venus placements to study 'why u encountered x person " etc.. hope this helps a bit 🙂

  • to reply to your general question..tis both karma is the reason you are meeting these people to finish your work in this lifetime with those souls for previous..also the stars are what guide or lead this sort of karmic highway if you will..so its both..

  • I found your reply interesting, maybe it's those of us with Aquarius strong in our horoscopes as one of our characteristics seems to be that we like relationships that challenge us & boy can scorpios be challenging at times! My puzzle is the 1st archetype was my mother, with whom I had a very poor relationship, basically more from her side that mine, as she was very emotionally immature & quite incapable of having a good relationship with anyone, husbands or children or her own siblings! Obviously being a parent she was in a more "powerful" position than I was to injfluence the relationship & i suppose I gave up on expecting support from her when I was about 8years old!! I can understand why i can have problems with Cancerians as I have my Saturn in Cancer in the 12th house, so yes i can see the possibilities there & with Moon in Scorpio, I can see why I have emotional ties to Scorps, but I suspect your problems with your Leo brothers, stem from the fact that Leo males have to be kingpin & an Aquarian female tends not to go for that idea too much! I'm would be very interested to know why & how you thought you had recently met your past life soul mate as to be honest, I can't say i believe I have met mine, despite these continual archetypes in my life.

  • Hi Jill ..well we both recalled it..there were surreal moments..our first meeting i had 2 seperate deja vu moments in the night..our meeting we clicked on all levels of intelligence, spiritual, physical attrraction etc..she was the first to tell me she remembered my voice , hands etc..as far as astrology goes, she was scorpio sun taurus moon and we alot of past life recall that we both did with each other..almost subconcisouly as we delivered or came across the same hunches about things..we also had a some interesting planetary alignments..like our houses aligned in same manner or more speciically our 7-12 houses and well we also had our 8th house with some packed power nad our mars were in the exact degree..exact house as each other..so there are some intriguing points on our charts..interesting enough im still tryin to figure out if she was more ' karmic ' mate than soul mate..but yet..we felt or we tried hard on both sides (at least i believe) to stop a couple of our karmic poitns from happeing..to no avail and we also had some serious subconcious outbursts also derail our union..question is now..is it really over..to be honest i ve never had a relationship or meeting either platonic or intimate the wy i did with this soul..but as they say scorpios will come in with a bang and leave with one and change you and your soul forever..so who knows..time will tell where this story unfolds and goes next..as of now its in a big limbo and uncertainty but saturn transiting our relationship planets..and coming out of our virgo placed 7th house..who knows..one things for certain ..we ve known each other in past lives..maybe traveling alot together..so i dunno

  • My greatest followers are Leos.... Over half of my friends in the last 20 years have been Leos. And that goes for boyfriends too. Im a Taurus and we have alot of fun together.

    For the last 3 or so years my first love and I have been in contact with each other, He called me on my birthday years ago and left a message. We loved each other very much back then as teenagers and the love is still there. He has been in my Dreams literally For as long as I can remember. He got the engagement ring a little too late. And a tattoo of my name on his arm after I left him. Hes a Virgo with Mercury and Moon in Leo. The problem is that he has been married for 23 years. And now is going thru a mid life crisis and is getting divorced. Im single and having my mid life problems too. He says we are destined to be together and I feel it too. We arent finished in this life yet. I dont know what to do.

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