Help!short time for decision!

  • I must decide ,should I stay or should I go!in my town or move to another studyy

    I'm crazy ---i have few hours to decide...


    i'm virgo asc. cancer-

  • I know you like to have time to prepare and plan but the universe is asking you to be spontaneous for once. Go with your gut. You knwo what is best but you fear change. Take a chance for once.

  • Huh ,thank you 🙂

    Umm ,i don't know...The change is kind of very good for me,but in other side is very stressful.

    So I'm driving crazy right now.:/

  • Nency, where are you from and what is your date of birth?

    I'll read your cards. But being someone who left a very good life recently to go back to school in my 30's, I would say do it! Do it with out any fear at all! You will come out better for it.


  • I'm from Croatia.:)

    I'm born on 7.9.1991.:) Thank you for reading!

  • Hi Silater can u do a reading for my name. born 1 march 77, 17: 57, india

  • Nency, if you stay in your hometown now, you will always remain there and miss out on so much because of your fear. It will be predictable and safe but awfully dull and growth stunting. You are a private person but you must fight your tendency to be shy and retiring. Don't be afraid to be who you are and fight that fear of humiliation or rejection for being different. You are funny and unconventional - celebrate your individuality, don't cover it up.

    Do you want to live life or hide from it?

  • TheCaptain

    thank you on your support ,it means a lot for me.Yes ,like you said . ''It will be predictable and safe '',but i like safety more than adventure.So probably this is oportunity to change that.

    I have so many fears,but at least I can try, I always can back home :D.i guess 🙂

    I'm going to think this few hours,ane let you know ,WHAT i decided:)

    Silateer ,i'm wondering what card will say.:)

  • aaj time passed,i didn't make a choice...

  • now i regret ,so don't regret Littlemiss 🙂


  • Huh thanks.i was so in dillema that i missed the chance and now i have just second opinion to move...

    ajjaj aj

  • Hi Nency,

    Card 1 - this is the past, and the root of the issues at present. The Chariot. There is a power and control in this card. You want to be in the driver's seat, and move through life as you wish, when you wish. This is not a bad thing, but it may be keeping you from seeing other roads that are less travelled.

    Card 2 - This is the present's negative influence. 10 of Cups reversed. Have you been having family issues or a disruption in your normal pattern of living? This is a sign of loss of friendship, or manipulation of things to gain for yourself.

    Card 3 - This is the present's positive influence. Queen of Swords reversed. Sadness is here. I think that this sadness is the motivation to move ahead. Look at the reasons why you're sad, see what it is that you are lacking and go after these things. If you would normally do something, and it would normally make you sad, do the opposite!

    Card 4 - This is the recent past's positive influence. 3 of Pentacles reversed. You missed an opportunity because of fear. You need to work very hard with making plan. Like the architect in this card, you have to have a blueprint to work from. I would suggest writing down what you want, and from there work backwards to now on how to get it.

    Card 5 - This is the recent past's negative influence. Reversed Judgement. Delay and stagnation. Having trouble moving ahead and making choices that are best for you.

    Card 6 - The outcome. The Knight of Cups. This is change and new exciting things. Perhaps a romantic change, or someone that can bring you new ideas and opportunity. You might be meeting someone that will give you new opportunities in life or love or both, but you may need to be the one to keep this person grounded as they sometimes get caught up in their dreams and can become discouraged when they don't all come true. I think this is the balance you both will need. Perhaps a pisces, scorpio or cancer man. Be on the look out for him Nency!

    Please, let me know if this helpful.

    Have a blessed day!


  • Thank you :))

    '' Have you been having family issues or a disruption in your normal pattern of living? ''

    Yes,I have :(.Also yes

    .i'm sad ,dissapointed in some people in myself.I think that this good change for me.

    I need change..

    Yes ,i think I missed an opportunity in love.

    ''Having trouble moving ahead and making choices that are best for you. ''

    Yeah,that's true.But I hope I did good choice.

    I like the outcome , i need somebody to love.I always unhappy in love,sometime it's my mistake sometimes othet people's...

    I am hoping that I am on good way!And everything will pass good.

    I'm having some troubles about moving ,so i hope it will be ok.

    Thank you very much,:)))It was helpful 🙂

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