New Love

  • I want to know about this person

  • He is withdrawn and thinks too much of his possibilities. He seeks stillness through rigidity instead of relaxation.

    It is not going to help anybody, it will be a calamity.

  • what sign is he?

    want to make sure we are talking about the same person.

  • JJon,

    what sign is he? Libra.

    You are showing me how your questions are

    unnecessary. Either you´re trying to be smart, trying to

    write an unusual question, or trying to be funny,

    hoping to make everybody laugh. But realize you are

    always trying to prove something, which is nonsense.

    Just remember what you are writing in this, because

    man's memory is very superficial. Tomorrow you may

    forget again and fall into your old habits.

  • Im sorry that was your perception, I did not mean to be funny. I am being very serious. Once again Im very sorry to have upset you. Have a wonderful day!

  • JJon,

    no need to be sorry, I am not upset.

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    "But Harry," pleaded the old fighter, "why can't I

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    "Why can't you fight Slasher Delaney?" yelled the

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  • Hi Hanswolfgang:

    I guess you were right, it has turned to a calamity!! I still cant help but to think of this man though. I find myseld wondering what went wrong and if him and I will get the relationship back on track. Wish you could offer some sound advice. I want to either do something to fix this or just make a final decision to move on. Having a hard time with this.


  • He was right about him being an Air sign as well. Though he said Libra, and your guy is Aquarius, he got the quality right.

    My advice on this, if you don't mind my suggestions, is to try and take a step back, protect your heart and take it slow. This relationship looks like it will be a rocky ride at least for the forseeable future. I'm basing that on what you have said in your posts and good old fashioned common sense more than psychic insight here. Though my intuition is playing a role of course! Something I have learned over the years with matters of the heart is as soon as you are feeling bad in a relationship of any kind, ask yourself what you can do for you in this situation to keep yourself protected, regardless of the outcome.

    (From here I kind of went into a weird trancelike typing state where the words just flowed, it might be coming from spirit so take from it what you will! I have no idea if it is relevant to you or not but if it is then great!!) Your emotional welfare is your first priority; do not sacrifice yourself for him. (Do you tend to do this more than most for men?) Relationships are challenging yes but it shouldn't be draining your energy completely. When you find yourself hurting and thinking of him more than you should, obsessing about him, when you feel distracted and worried - take back your power and try to be as cerebral as you can. Have faith, be positive nad most of all know that the universe is taking care of you and all will be well in the end.

    Yikes! Where did that come from? LOL!

    PiscesPanties xxx

  • PiscesPanties:

    Hey there, thanks so much for your insight!! I really appreciate you time and energy. I have to say that you couldnt be more correct and right in what you say. I have done just that, retreated and took back my power. I have stepped away and said if its meant to be itll be, nothing my worrying will do to make it better. I feel so much more relaxed since!! Yay!! Life is good and dont like to be down for too!!

    Thanks Again

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